China willing partner search web pages

China willing partner search web pages

BEIJING – China’s government creates a web page to help thousands of ordinary kakitangan busy working for a soul mate.

With the theme of pink, it was realized pages since 2005 and can attract more of bachelorhood 5.000 kakitangan and no time to find a lover.

In that page, he describes a man and a young woman standing on one corner of the wood.

Web pages that provide guarantee every edict has been ratified by union workers in which they work.

He says every expert needs to berdaftar to the China Ministry of Laity Salvation for ensuring the accuracy of self declaration.

Page was recognized as the Central Government Unity Magpie Bridge.

It is the customer paid 100 yuan (RM50) a year.

Web pages that have names rather than a flattened robins lovers relationship namely Niu Lang and Zhi Nu.

There were pages mesej which he is charged may be trusted platform for the government to seek kakitangan lover.

“The members (in the page’s) have a high caliber, highly educated and a stable job,” said the page concerned.

China before it has a lot of pages to find a soul mate contains a false declaration.

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