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Japan’s new Foreign Minister admire President Hu Jintao, would like kids to see Terra Cotta Warriors


Katsuya Okada and its inscription. Source: News of the World

Japan’s new Foreign Minister admire President Hu Jintao, would like kids to see Terra Cotta Warriors

A former Democratic Party secretary general of the Okada, due to its consistent adherence to the friendly policy towards China by the Japanese right-wingers labeled “pro-China” label. After taking office, this topic has been speculations. However, Okada was not too concerned about this, he has steadfastly stuck to their position.

“China advocates” how the nickname come from?

In the Yasukuni Shrine issue, Katsuya Okada has been firmly opposed to Prime Minister visit to Yasukuni Shrine. In the very sensitive between Japan and China on the Taiwan issue, he has always been firmly against “Taiwan independence.”

Time, in the Congress and former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi during the debate, Okada asked Koizumi: “You After China agreed to it?” Let these words Okada won “China’s spokesperson,” the title has kept many Japanese right-wing directly to the He labeled the “pro-China” label.

Speaking of this past, Okada on the “News of the World,” told reporters: “When I was the head of the Democratic Party of the time, there have been several in Congress and in the debate on the then Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited the Yasukuni Shrine issue. I think that the Yasukuni Shrine where worship is the person responsible for the war, as Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi as a place to go out of date, and such an act would hurt the Chinese people’s feelings. Unfortunately, my words, Koizumi never listen to. He was followed by Abe Although the ambiguous attitude of the Prime Minister, but at least he did not say going to Yasukuni, it is also indicated in his own attitude. estimated Koizumi watched a model, he also knows it is inappropriate to do that, they changed their mind it. ”

As for the “China advocates” nickname, Okada gentle smile, said: “This is my thinking through the calm after the conclusion happens to coincide with China’s claims only. Are now able to calmly look at the issue of Japanese there is an increase trend, I think it can be modest to each other’s feelings is very important. ”

“President Hu’s speech, straightforward style, and I admire”

Katsuya Okada has also visited China a total of 15 times. He said he was grateful to China’s International Liaison Department, in their assistance, he visited many places in China. Which moves him the most is the Terracotta Warriors, “I have always wondered if there is a chance I must take the children to look at Terra Cotta Warriors, Terracotta Warriors and Horses is great!”

In 2003, Okada led the Democratic Party delegation to visit China in Beijing and Chinese President Hu Jintao held an hour-long talks. That left a very long talk to Okada deep impression. His “World News” special correspondent recalled meeting scene, said: “During the talks, President Hu Jintao did not formally perfunctory, he told me the issues raised were given a positive answer, straightforward style, and I admire the speech.”

Like to go to Japan and abroad to do fieldwork in rural areas

Okada, like many Democratic veterans, all came from the largest party in Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party. In this regard, Okada does not duck. He said: “I stayed three years in the LDP, although it was later left, but the and the Liberal Democratic Party Gotoda Masaharu (former Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary), and Kiichi Miyazawa (Japan, former Prime Minister) has maintained a close relationship. They are very good people, from whom I learned a lot of things, unfortunately, two have passed away. ”

In 2007, as deputy representative of the Democratic Party, Okada, every day there are many civil servants to deal with. “I want to tell the vast rural areas at home and abroad to conduct field trips, listen to the views of local people.” Okada said that Japan should be more involved in Asian affairs, in the act as “the Democratic Party NGO (non-governmental organization) activities overseas forward-Parliamentary Union “President when he was August 14, 2007 in Myanmar, Cambodia to conduct a week-long visit. Visits to remote rural areas is mainly a daily commute alone is necessary to 78 hours.

Of course, the Okada’s ambitions not only assist in the non-governmental NGO activities. When the “News of the World” newspaper correspondent asked him for the inscription, the Okada Luejiasisuo later, wrote a “good time” four characters.


Encourage their daughters to China to plant trees

Katsuya Okada graduated from the University of Tokyo, can be admitted to the highest academic institution in Japan, Okada think it benefited from its own efforts. His “World News” special correspondent, said: “I was a child particularly like cars, then dream of growing up that when the taxi driver. Grow up, I would like to serve the public, so go when the civil service, and later began to direction to the politicians. ”

Okada is now still love to drive. Two years ago in December, he bought a car, opened nearly two years, and this has been a wall between the two after the door Ð rub. “I have good driving skills, I am just enjoying a man driving time. Accompanied by music, sailing on the way home, for me it is the best time to relax.” Okada said.

Okada has a happy family. It had been almost 27 years of marriage Okada said that apart from the first five years of marriage, the couple that they almost always lived in two places. His wife, a man in his hometown, it is necessary to take care of their children, but also for his political activities after the busy busy before. In Okada’s eyes, his wife quietly paid for the child to her husband a lot, “is a very admirable woman.”

In April 2007, Okada’s wife take the kids to move to Tokyo, they are a five finally reunited. Okada said: “The whole family living together is the most natural. However, my wife said I was at home when the kids are very nervous.” Okada family’s three children have no political intention, but I also Okada Politicians do not encourage children to do. But talking about children, Okada still inadvertently showing love. He said: “Last year, my eldest daughter to go to China, in Xi’an, near the tree-planting busy for a week and come back in the harsh environment that popular exercise, the child’s broad vision, which is good thing.”

The children have grown up, Okada’s wife has also been the idea to work again. She was once a medical doctor, worked at home hospice care as a volunteer. Moved to Tokyo, Okada’s wife is preparing to gradually resume the work of doctors, Okada very supportive of this. (Song to see)

Journalist’s notes

“As a politician, I never gifts”

In 2007, Katsuya Okada also accept the “News of the World,” an interview, his office was the most eye-catching is the one to write a “love” word of the banner. Okada said: “Sun Yat-sen lived and studied in Japan. The banner is his mother’s home, then spend the night in my left behind. Many Japanese media interviews I would have asked me in front of camera.” There’s speculation that the banner of the Century the above history. Okada said humorously: “Then I showed appreciation program identified about it.” After the laughter, he added seriously: “This is borrowed from my brother, he inherited the family business, when this is to returned to him. ”

In addition to banners, Mr. Okada’s Office, the assortment of frog ornaments also make it difficult to non-compelling: office windowsill is packed with all kinds of frogs, several desk there is also only 10. So many frogs, an outsider looking feel dizzy, could recognize himself, Mr. Okada is quite clear. He said: “When I go abroad, will find in various places of local characteristics of frog ornaments.” Then, he hand off from one an introduction, “This is my last week visit to Cambodia and Myanmar to find the time , that is only bought in Xi’an, China, as well as that is … … “Mr. Okada clearly remember each frog” nationality “and their” Chu Shi “days.

To see if he is so fond of, the reporter asked to test, there should be a lot of people tried to bar the frog when the gift on his arrival. Unexpectedly, Mr. Okada said: “I never received a gift, even birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day chocolate, I do not close. As a politician, someone will send a variety of things to me, I enact the rule is: not and will not close. ”

40-minute interview, Okada always maintain upright posture, until the reporter’s request for photographs, he was solemnly stood up. Done taking photographs, he took one look, said: “This stance is not good, stomach is coming out, I re-point.”

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Ig Nobel Prize is revealed: such as gas masks found in award-winning Bust


Photo: Ukrainian-American female doctor on the spot Bodnar model invented gas masks her chest

Ig Nobel Prize is revealed: such as gas masks found in award-winning Bust

BEIJING, October 3, according to Xinhua Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao quoted foreign wire services reported that the U.S. was held on the 1st Annual Ig Nobel Prize awards ceremony, to humor the way to elect the economic, physical, medical and and equality in different areas of the winner. Winners of the research results include the discovery of an empty bottle to hit people more than with the full bottle of mass destruction, one can be converted into a gas mask chest, found the names of more milk cows, as well as can be found in the faeces of giant pandas in the decomposition of kitchen refuse.

Ig Nobel Prize by the “unbelievable Research Report” (in English referred to as “AIR” sponsored by the nineteenth session of the year to do so in order to “crisis” as the theme, the prize presentation ceremony was held at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater is still in the real Nobel Prize winner as a prize presentation ceremony. This Award is presented annually to the 10 “first arouses laughter made man, after thinking” pay tribute to the achievements of the winners at the prize when you feel excited, depending on why they are winning.

Confirmed that the empty bottle for a more lethal than the full bottle and won the “Peace Prize” Swiss scientist Stephen – Bollinger, said the award “is not the pinnacle of my academic achievements on,” but he admitted it was “I professional career of the most interesting or memorable moments as one. ” He and a number of funny, like Nobel winner, stressed that his research has real scientific value, not Naozhuo Wan. He said he found the bottle will help the court determine how much can be caused by head injuries.

Living in Chicago’s Ukrainian-American woman doctor Elena – Bodnar invention “gas mask bust” as she won the “Public Health Award.” This bra can be split into two gas masks, users can not only escaped in the gas in, you can also save a friend. Although it a bit like the film’s silly laugh invention, but it was the invention of mind from the tragedy of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. In 1986, many Ukrainians are a result of inhalation of radioisotopes of iodine, “Iodine -131” and illness in order to study the disaster medical career Bodnar started thinking, if there was cheap and portable anti-virus masks, their health will not be as serious damage. She said that the invention can also be in the “September 11” terrorist attacks and dust storms in Sydney to use the kind of situation, shape and rather beautiful, and general chest is no different.

“Veterinary Medicine” falls on the University of Newcastle upon Tyne scholar Peter – Rawlinson and Catherine – the hands of Douglas. They found that were commensurate with the owner to the name of the dairy cows milk production more than nameless, because the master of love can stimulate the secretion of milk cows. Thus increasing production of milk a few cows, but if a large number of cattle per head is the production of such “gratitude milk”, the owner of the income will be increased significantly.

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Sensitive to the Dalai Lama during the US-India competing to pull a “beating” China


Former U.S. President George W. Bush met with the Dalai Lama during his tenure

Sensitive to the Dalai Lama during the US-India competing to pull a “beating” China

More recently, the whereabouts of the Dalai Lama caused a lot of media attention. Following the recently accused of “playing political cards by natural disasters,” trip to Taiwan, the Dalai Lama’s spokesman has announced that the Dalai Lama to the United States next month, also plans to visit, and hopes to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama. In addition, the Dalai Lama is also scheduled for mid-November to the Sino-Indian dispute, currently under the control of China, India, southern Tibet (India called “Arunachal Pradesh”). Some analysts have pointed out that the Dalai Lama chose Obama in November’s visit to China and India, the Sino-Indian border dispute, the media stir a new round of channeling the occasion of his visit, but wanted to expand its international impact; the other hand, the US-India At such moments playing the “Dalai card”, the intention is pondering.

Obama’s aides went to see the Dalai Lama, India

September 14, to the White House senior adviser Valerie. Gute Le headed a U.S. delegation in India, Dharamsala (the Dalai Lama in India’s “lair”), met with the Dalai Lama. After the meeting, the Dalai clique said in a statement the two sides “discussed the Tibet issue in Washington to help solve practical way”, and “looking forward to, after Obama’s visit to China to meet with him.”

According to the Dalai clique’s above statement, Agence France-Presse analysts say, the Dalai Lama seemed to dispel fears that he will work with Obama during his visit met with speculation. However, India – Asia News Agency, 13, quoted sources as saying the Dalai Lama side, the Dalai Lama and Barack Obama in the form of this meeting, “the process of being agreed.”

The United States by the Dalai Lama to please human rights groups in

For the Dalai Lama’s visit to plan a new round of channeling, the Chinese government has expressed strong protest. However, the U.S. recently, or to send a delegation to India and the Dalai Lama met several members of the Group, including a senior aide to the Dalai Lama Lodi A Day. “Hindustan Times” on the 14th analysis, which indicates that the Dalai clique and the United States talked about the Tibetan “autonomy”, because Lodi previously served as special envoy of the Dalai Lama, has held talks with the Chinese central government.

Obama’s visit to China, Why the United States went so far as to send a high-level officials to meet Dalai Lama in India? Analysts believe that the Obama administration may want to face to face with the Dalai Lama to finalize some details of his visit to the United States, in particular whether he met with Obama, or in what form to meet the problem. Obama’s support has steadily declined in China, the United States Government may want to find a way neither excessively stimulate China, while the way to please the domestic human rights organizations. On September 10, the U.S. State Department spokesman Kelly went so far as talking about the Dalai Lama when he called the “world’s most important spiritual leader” and declared that the United States has encouraged China and the Dalai clique, “a more open communication.”

Since 1991, Bush met with the Dalai Lama has served as President of the United States for domestic political needs, have met with the Dalai Lama. However, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences United States expert Zhang Liping In an interview with “World News” interview, said that if Obama’s visit to China on the eve of meeting with the Dalai Lama, then this opportunity is indeed “very inappropriate”, will undoubtedly undermine the visit atmosphere. If the Dalai Lama said in a statement really like the head of it, only “looking forward to Obama’s visit to China after meeting with him”, and that the damage to Sino-US relations will be relatively smaller.

India by the Dalai Lama’s declaration of “sovereignty”

Obama’s first visit to China not only chosen to visit the United States before the channeling, the Dalai Lama recently Jiuhuazhongti that would like to visit in mid-November “Arunachal Pradesh.” The “state” generally refers to the concocted by the British colonialists, “McMahon Line” and the Sino-Indian border in the region between the traditional, but the Chinese government has never recognized, “McMahon Line.”

As early as last year, the Dalai Lama that the intention to go to the “Arunachal Pradesh” visit, but was unable to get official permission in India. In view of recent Indian media is exaggerating the Sino-Indian border tension, the Dalai Lama’s visit timing suspicious. Although the Dalai clique has argued that the Dalai Lama to “Arunachal Pradesh” is a well-deserved Buddhists invited purely as a “spiritual and religious journey,” has nothing to do with politics, but as parts of Taiwan, like Dalai Lama, their apparent The political color is written off in any way unclear.

Channeling the Dalai Lama’s visit to “Arunachal Pradesh” program, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said recently that the Chinese side expresses its grave concern about the message that this further exposes the nature of Dalai clique’s anti-separatist. China’s strong reaction to the Indian officials actually stated: “The Dalai Lama in India travel is unlimited.”

Diplomatic observers in New Delhi, according to media quoted as saying that Beijing had given the pressure, India has not agreed to the Dalai Lama to “Arunachal Pradesh” visit. But this time, in the Indian media continue to hype the so-called “China military cross-border provocations,” or “send more troops to the border of China,” such an atmosphere, India might want to use the Dalai Lama agreed to go to the “Arunachal Pradesh” visit to highlight the right The “state” sovereignty.

Analysts believe that although the Indian army has denied China’s military “invasion” of India like the territory of the reports, but if the Indian Government to allow Dalai Lama to flee to visit the disputed area, it only shows that the Indian government and the media is to sing the “double reed” .

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