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Japan’s new Foreign Minister admire President Hu Jintao, would like kids to see Terra Cotta Warriors


Katsuya Okada and its inscription. Source: News of the World

Japan’s new Foreign Minister admire President Hu Jintao, would like kids to see Terra Cotta Warriors

A former Democratic Party secretary general of the Okada, due to its consistent adherence to the friendly policy towards China by the Japanese right-wingers labeled “pro-China” label. After taking office, this topic has been speculations. However, Okada was not too concerned about this, he has steadfastly stuck to their position.

“China advocates” how the nickname come from?

In the Yasukuni Shrine issue, Katsuya Okada has been firmly opposed to Prime Minister visit to Yasukuni Shrine. In the very sensitive between Japan and China on the Taiwan issue, he has always been firmly against “Taiwan independence.”

Time, in the Congress and former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi during the debate, Okada asked Koizumi: “You After China agreed to it?” Let these words Okada won “China’s spokesperson,” the title has kept many Japanese right-wing directly to the He labeled the “pro-China” label.

Speaking of this past, Okada on the “News of the World,” told reporters: “When I was the head of the Democratic Party of the time, there have been several in Congress and in the debate on the then Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited the Yasukuni Shrine issue. I think that the Yasukuni Shrine where worship is the person responsible for the war, as Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi as a place to go out of date, and such an act would hurt the Chinese people’s feelings. Unfortunately, my words, Koizumi never listen to. He was followed by Abe Although the ambiguous attitude of the Prime Minister, but at least he did not say going to Yasukuni, it is also indicated in his own attitude. estimated Koizumi watched a model, he also knows it is inappropriate to do that, they changed their mind it. ”

As for the “China advocates” nickname, Okada gentle smile, said: “This is my thinking through the calm after the conclusion happens to coincide with China’s claims only. Are now able to calmly look at the issue of Japanese there is an increase trend, I think it can be modest to each other’s feelings is very important. ”

“President Hu’s speech, straightforward style, and I admire”

Katsuya Okada has also visited China a total of 15 times. He said he was grateful to China’s International Liaison Department, in their assistance, he visited many places in China. Which moves him the most is the Terracotta Warriors, “I have always wondered if there is a chance I must take the children to look at Terra Cotta Warriors, Terracotta Warriors and Horses is great!”

In 2003, Okada led the Democratic Party delegation to visit China in Beijing and Chinese President Hu Jintao held an hour-long talks. That left a very long talk to Okada deep impression. His “World News” special correspondent recalled meeting scene, said: “During the talks, President Hu Jintao did not formally perfunctory, he told me the issues raised were given a positive answer, straightforward style, and I admire the speech.”

Like to go to Japan and abroad to do fieldwork in rural areas

Okada, like many Democratic veterans, all came from the largest party in Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party. In this regard, Okada does not duck. He said: “I stayed three years in the LDP, although it was later left, but the and the Liberal Democratic Party Gotoda Masaharu (former Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary), and Kiichi Miyazawa (Japan, former Prime Minister) has maintained a close relationship. They are very good people, from whom I learned a lot of things, unfortunately, two have passed away. ”

In 2007, as deputy representative of the Democratic Party, Okada, every day there are many civil servants to deal with. “I want to tell the vast rural areas at home and abroad to conduct field trips, listen to the views of local people.” Okada said that Japan should be more involved in Asian affairs, in the act as “the Democratic Party NGO (non-governmental organization) activities overseas forward-Parliamentary Union “President when he was August 14, 2007 in Myanmar, Cambodia to conduct a week-long visit. Visits to remote rural areas is mainly a daily commute alone is necessary to 78 hours.

Of course, the Okada’s ambitions not only assist in the non-governmental NGO activities. When the “News of the World” newspaper correspondent asked him for the inscription, the Okada Luejiasisuo later, wrote a “good time” four characters.


Encourage their daughters to China to plant trees

Katsuya Okada graduated from the University of Tokyo, can be admitted to the highest academic institution in Japan, Okada think it benefited from its own efforts. His “World News” special correspondent, said: “I was a child particularly like cars, then dream of growing up that when the taxi driver. Grow up, I would like to serve the public, so go when the civil service, and later began to direction to the politicians. ”

Okada is now still love to drive. Two years ago in December, he bought a car, opened nearly two years, and this has been a wall between the two after the door Ð rub. “I have good driving skills, I am just enjoying a man driving time. Accompanied by music, sailing on the way home, for me it is the best time to relax.” Okada said.

Okada has a happy family. It had been almost 27 years of marriage Okada said that apart from the first five years of marriage, the couple that they almost always lived in two places. His wife, a man in his hometown, it is necessary to take care of their children, but also for his political activities after the busy busy before. In Okada’s eyes, his wife quietly paid for the child to her husband a lot, “is a very admirable woman.”

In April 2007, Okada’s wife take the kids to move to Tokyo, they are a five finally reunited. Okada said: “The whole family living together is the most natural. However, my wife said I was at home when the kids are very nervous.” Okada family’s three children have no political intention, but I also Okada Politicians do not encourage children to do. But talking about children, Okada still inadvertently showing love. He said: “Last year, my eldest daughter to go to China, in Xi’an, near the tree-planting busy for a week and come back in the harsh environment that popular exercise, the child’s broad vision, which is good thing.”

The children have grown up, Okada’s wife has also been the idea to work again. She was once a medical doctor, worked at home hospice care as a volunteer. Moved to Tokyo, Okada’s wife is preparing to gradually resume the work of doctors, Okada very supportive of this. (Song to see)

Journalist’s notes

“As a politician, I never gifts”

In 2007, Katsuya Okada also accept the “News of the World,” an interview, his office was the most eye-catching is the one to write a “love” word of the banner. Okada said: “Sun Yat-sen lived and studied in Japan. The banner is his mother’s home, then spend the night in my left behind. Many Japanese media interviews I would have asked me in front of camera.” There’s speculation that the banner of the Century the above history. Okada said humorously: “Then I showed appreciation program identified about it.” After the laughter, he added seriously: “This is borrowed from my brother, he inherited the family business, when this is to returned to him. ”

In addition to banners, Mr. Okada’s Office, the assortment of frog ornaments also make it difficult to non-compelling: office windowsill is packed with all kinds of frogs, several desk there is also only 10. So many frogs, an outsider looking feel dizzy, could recognize himself, Mr. Okada is quite clear. He said: “When I go abroad, will find in various places of local characteristics of frog ornaments.” Then, he hand off from one an introduction, “This is my last week visit to Cambodia and Myanmar to find the time , that is only bought in Xi’an, China, as well as that is … … “Mr. Okada clearly remember each frog” nationality “and their” Chu Shi “days.

To see if he is so fond of, the reporter asked to test, there should be a lot of people tried to bar the frog when the gift on his arrival. Unexpectedly, Mr. Okada said: “I never received a gift, even birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day chocolate, I do not close. As a politician, someone will send a variety of things to me, I enact the rule is: not and will not close. ”

40-minute interview, Okada always maintain upright posture, until the reporter’s request for photographs, he was solemnly stood up. Done taking photographs, he took one look, said: “This stance is not good, stomach is coming out, I re-point.”

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US-Japan foreign ministers abruptly canceled tense relations between the two countries to add a new variable


Hillary Clinton (left) and Katsuya Okada (right) talks scheduled for tomorrow bathing.

US-Japan foreign ministers abruptly canceled tense relations between the two countries to add a new variable

BEIJING, November 5, according to Xinhua in Hong Kong, “Wen Wei Po” reported that the U.S. President Barack Obama will be next week’s first visit to Japan, the Japan-US relations because of the U.S. military stationed in Okinawa, Futenma base relocation issue, from the “conflict” only one step away. Japan 4, suddenly announced the cancellation of the Foreign Secretary Katsuya Okada’s U.S. visit scheduled for tomorrow at the Japan-US Foreign Ministers Hold Talks “bathing.” There have been comments that the underlying tension between Japan and the U.S. was due to the rise of China as the Japan-US alliance due to add new variables.

For decades, an alliance with the United States are the basis for Japan’s foreign policy, many decisions are made with the United States. However, since the Democratic Party of Japan after the new government took office in September, more than half a century and changed the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s pro-US policy, the U.S. military base relocation issue with Washington “to  dry.”

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State’s visit to Japan this year put pressure on

The United States has just announced last Saturday, Katsuya Okada, the Japanese foreign minister and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will hold talks in Washington tomorrow morning, but yesterday, the Japanese side has said Okada planned visit has been canceled.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirano Bo Wen said at a press conference yesterday, as Japan has been the Senate Budget Committee to meet tomorrow evening, the time is too tight, Katsuya Okada has dropped this week and a half weeks after the visit plan. He said: “Although the United States were coordinated, but still hard to resolve the conflict between the Congress agenda,” but he said, to cancel the trip will not affect Japan-US relations.

It is understood that the purpose of this visit Okada, is to Barack Obama before next week’s visit to resolve the two countries in Okinawa, Futenma Marine Corps base in migration issues. The United States demanded that the Japanese Government to implement the agreement has been negotiated, but the Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said it needed time to review, and the Japanese foreign minister and defense minister’s views are also differences. Japanese media that they are likely to be canceled visit to the U.S. Okada reasons. Middle of last month, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates’s visit to Japan to personally pressure, claiming that if the Japanese violation of the agreement, the United States will not implement the agreement. The U.S. State Department Assistant Secretary of State for Asian and Pacific Affairs, arrived in Japan today, Campbell, is expected to reaffirm the United States and calls for Japan to comply with the Futenma U.S. military bases in Okinawa in 2014, moved to the coast of Nago City agreement. But Hatoyama has said Obama’s visit has in no hurry to make a decision.

U.S. military bases in the dispute was only the fuse

There have been comments that the controversial Futenma base is just the fuse, the rise of China to change the distribution of the Asia-Pacific and global forces, the situation is the underlying causes of conflict in Japan and the U.S..

On the one hand, the Japanese government hopes to strengthen relations with China and the Democratic Party, for example, the “East Asian Community” concept. The Democratic Party think tank, the former diplomat Hitoshi Tanaka, believes that China is Japan’s most important economic markets, Japan-US alliance is less than the last century, as important as the natural. He said: “The world has entered a multi-polar system, China has undoubtedly become an important part.”

On the other hand, the United States is worried that the Japanese set their eyes on China, and may affect its deployment in the Asia Pacific region. Gates’s visit to Japan last month, has said that the United States is very concerned about Japan’s alliance with the United States to redefine the practice, as well as Japan in Asia’s foreign policy.

In Japan, some conservatives worry that the U.S. will work with Chinese public opinion, the composition of “G2”, the Japanese have been marginalized and diplomatic experts, the Japan International Forum, Ping Lin Bo said: “China wants to prove that it is an active partner in the United States, Japan (at the base regarding the ) The longer, the more the United States that Japan is not the best friend. “U.S. Asia-Pacific Research Center Stanford University, Snyder believes that the Japan-US alliance is more than ever the value, the problem is that both sides of this relationship should be redefined, from the the Cold War era alliance model.

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United States hotel key card opened, all the furniture from the room card Dacheng


Hotel key card can be said to be a crazy idea

United States hotel key card opened, all the furniture from the room card Dacheng

BEIJING, September 19, according to Xinhua Hong Kong “Ta Kung Pao” report, due to the construction of buildings of the world’s largest card included in the “Guinness Book of World Records,” American Brian. Berg in New York, built a “keys Card Hotel “, which apart from floors and ceilings in addition, everything is a 20 million copies by the plastic hotel key cards completed.

InterContinental Hotels Group, Holiday Inn to promote the refurbishment of a store re-opened in New York commissioned the construction of the Berg home “hotel key cards.” It has opened on the 17th, it will only operate for 5 days. The shop, there is only one bedroom, one bathroom and a lobby, an area of only about 37 square meters, weighing two tons. But its selling point is that Berg was crazy ideas and craft: store beds, a reception area, tables and chairs … … all the furniture by hotel key cards Dacheng, size is no different from ordinary furniture.

Berg said: “This is my card so far the highest degree of difficulty of the building, which I may be so large that the first people to live in the building.” In addition, in the “key cards hotel” to 5 business days, Berger will be at the Holiday Inn lobby cards with the construction of a three-meter-high model of the Empire State Building.

In 1992, the 17-year-old Berg With a 4.4 meters-high tower of playing cards, breaking the world record of the highest house of cards, then he has to break his own record 10 times, the latest record of an African-American in Texas museum built by 7.85 meters high tower.

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