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No Survivors From PNG Plane Crash


No Survivors From PNG Plane Crash

CANBERRA  – Rescuers have reached the wreckage of a passenger aircraft that crashed in Papua New Guinea and found no survivors among the 13 passengers and crew, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on Wednesday.

The Airlines PNG De Havilland Twin Otter 300 with 11 passengers and two crew went missing over thickly forested mountains on Tuesday during a flight from the capital Port Moresby to the tourist destination of Kokoda.

“Papua New Guinea officials on the ground at the crash site have concluded that there were no survivors from the crash,” Rudd told Australia’s parliament.

Two helicopters began searching for the aircraft, which had nine Australians, one Japanese and three Papuans on board, in the rugged Owen Stanley Ranges earlier on Wednesday after poor weather in the area cleared.

Aviation is hazardous in Papua New Guinea due to rugged, high mountains covered in thick jungle and rapidly changing weather conditions.

Airlines PNG, listed on the PNG stock exchange, operates to domestic destinations and to northern Australia. The company’s Web site said it has eight Twin Otters in its fleet.

Australian tourists visit Kokoda to walk the Kokoda Track, where during World War Two Australian forces halted a Japanese troop advance on Port Moresby.

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Russia’s Pacific Fleet, a map -142 military aircraft crashed in the Far East


Data Figure: Figure-142M3 anti-submarine aircraft

Russia’s Pacific Fleet, a map -142 military aircraft crashed in the Far East

MOSCOW, November 6 (Xinhua Tian ice) a map of Russia’s Pacific Fleet – 142 M3 anti-submarine aircraft, on the 6th in the Russian Far East, Khabarovsk Krai waters crashed killing all on board 11 .

Russian Defense Ministry press service reported that Russia’s Pacific Fleet, a map – the day of 142 aircraft flying in the implementation of a routine training mission, in the final phase of flight at 14:17 Tatar Strait waters and ground radar stations lost contact.

After the incident, by the Pacific Fleet Naval Air Force Commander, Colonel Nuri out Tejinuofu led search and rescue forces, as well as the Bureau of Amur Komsomolsk emergency crash rescue personnel have arrived in the waters of an emergency. Doyle also sent to local troops – and Mi-38 aircraft – eight helicopters took part in search and rescue.

Russia’s “news” latest news television channel said that in the Tatar Strait Dole has found the remains of 10 crew members and the crash of the aircraft debris. But the plane’s “black box” yet recovered.

According to Russian news agency quoted military sources as saying that far from the plane carrying a total of 11 people, initially to determine the crew were all killed. Crash sites 15-20 km from the coastline. According to preliminary judgments about the crash the aircraft may be a component failure.

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Iran nuclear crisis: Sanctions ‘beginning to bite’

Iran nuclear crisis: Sanctions ‘beginning to bite’

The US has said threats by Iran to restrict Gulf shipping in the event of further sanctions shows international pressure is having an effect.

The State Department said sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear programme were starting to bite and that Iran was trying to create a distraction.

Iran has conducted 10 days of exercises near the strategically vital Strait of Hormuz, test-firing several missiles.

Its currency is at a record low, but it has denied sanctions are to blame.

The UN Security Council has already passed four rounds of sanctions against Iran for refusing to halt uranium enrichment.

Highly enriched uranium can be processed into nuclear weapons, but Iran denies Western charges that it is trying to develop them.

Tehran says its programme is peaceful – it needs nuclear technology to generate electricity to meet growing domestic demand.The US has also sanctioned dozens of Iranian government agencies, officials and businesses over the nuclear programme.

The government in Tehran has dismissed the latest measures announced in the wake of a critical IAEA report in November.

US President Barack Obama signed into law the US bill targeting Iran’s central bank on Saturday. It enters into force in six months’ time.

Since then, however, the Iranian national currency, the rial, has lost about 12% of its value – trading at about 17,200-18,000 rials to $1.

Earlier on Tuesday, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe called for “stricter sanctions” and urged EU countries to follow the US in freezing Iranian central bank assets and imposing an embargo on oil exports.
‘Mock’ exercises

Speaking to journalists, the State Department’s Victoria Nuland said Tehran was feeling increasingly isolated because of the sanctions.

“Frankly we see these threats from Tehran as just increasing evidence that the international pressure is beginning to bite there and that they are feeling increasingly isolated and they are trying to divert the attention of their own public from the difficulties inside Iran, including the economic difficulties as a result of the sanctions,” she said.

Meanwhile Pentagon spokesman George Little responded to Iranian warnings to keep an aircraft carrier out of the Gulf, saying the Navy was operating within international law and had no plans to pull warships out of the region.Iran has been holding a series of naval exercises in the Gulf, and on Monday

said it had successfully test-fired a surface-to-sea Qader cruise missile, a shorter range Nasr and later, a surface-to-surface Nour missile.

A medium-range surface-to-air missile was successfully launched on Sunday, Iranian media reported.

Iran has conducted 10 days of exercises near the Strait of Hormuz, through which 20% of the world’s traded oil passes.

Tehran said on Monday that “mock” exercises on shutting the strait had been carried out, although there was no intention of closing it.

The BBC’s Iran correspondent James Reynolds says Iran is using the exercises to try to show that it owns the Gulf and has the military capability to defend against any threat to its dominance.

But, says our correspondent, few believe Iran would carry out its threat to shut the Strait of Hormuz as to do so would be considered too economically, politically and possibly militarily damaging for Tehran.

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