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TRAI puts new telecom licences on hold


TRAI puts new telecom licences on hold

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India’s telecoms regulator TRAI has asked the government not to issue new licences until it decides whether there is a need for more players in the crowded market, a move that could further delay entry of firms such as AT&T.

India has issued 281 licences for the country’s 22 telecoms zones, or up to 14 licencees per zone. These include 122 licences from 575 applications received in 2007 from 46 firms, including real-estate and technology firms with no telecoms experience.

“Sufficient competition seems to be already in place and spectrum is a scarce resource,” the government had said in a letter to the regulator recently.

The government had also sought the watchdog’s views on auctioning spectrum for 2G mobile standard, instead of the current practice of giving licencees entitlement for spectrum.

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Usain Bolt 100m 9.69 at Beijing Olympic Gold and World Record


Usain Bolt 100m 9.69 at Beijing Olympic Gold and World Record

[media id=27 width=500 height=400]

Usain Bolt 100m 9.69 (LIVE VIDEO) Olympic Gold & World Record.


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