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Sony plans $199 U.S. e-reader, takes on Amazon


Sony plans $199 U.S. e-reader, takes on Amazon

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Sony Corp will begin selling this month the cheapest digital book reader for the United States, heating up the competition with Amazon.com Inc in the small but fast-growing market for electronic readers.

Sony plans to start selling its 5-inch-screen Reader Pocket Edition at $199 — which it called a breakthrough price — and a larger touchscreen reader for $299, through nationwide retail outlets such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

To drive demand, the company plans to reduce the price it now charges for downloads of best-sellers and new releases to $9.99 from $11.99, bringing prices in largely in line with Amazon’s.

Analysts say people that may have been holding off in the middle of a recession may be tempted by Sony to jump onto the digital-reader bandwagon.

“Achieving the $199 price point, we believe, expands the market dramatically,” Steve Haber, president of Sony’s Digital Reading division, told Reuters in an interview.

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Love 999: British police officers elected auspicious time for the trend of marriage


A pair of British police officers intend to September 9, 2009 The “only once a lifetime,” the days of marriage.

Love 999: British police officers elected auspicious time for the trend of marriage


3 “9” reunite, affectionately kissing the officers decided to carry out in the end love.

BEIJING, September 9, according to British media on the 9th Xinhua reported that two pairs of police officers in Britain today, tied the knot, they are to “jump on the bandwagon”, specially chosen to September 9, 2009 this rare day of marriage.

It seems, in addition to the Chinese people think that this year is a down day today, the British seem to understand that the three numbers “9” implied in the “permanence”, “love you long long time,” the profound meaning.

In which two police officers are former college classmates, they have fell in love 10 years, respectively, both aged 30 years and 29 years old. They are originally intended to August 8, 2008, when married, and later postponed to this year, they think of marriage this year, today is a “perfect date”, decided today, “will be carried out in the end of love.”

The woman said: “We’re really looking forward to, it will be a great day. I am a bit nervous, but excited.” The man said they love each other, and decided in the hundred years of the date itself entrusted solely to the other side. Moreover, the date of the next number of years and then turn contains three “9”, it will span a century of vicissitudes, need to wait for a century.

While the two have little savings, but in order to catch up with one of this rare day, decided to cut other expenses to run the wedding.

At the same time, there is a pair of Britain’s firefighters have chosen the same date of marriage. The 49-year-old man has been working in the fire protection system for 30 years, while the woman, now 40 years old, a year ago, became a fireman. The two like-minded decision September 9, 2009 ride fire engines went to the Office of registration and at the local celebration of marriage.

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