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Britain “the most beautiful family”: three generations of four received the title of beauty queen


The photo shows three generations of their elected “beauty queen” when the photo: From left to right in 1949 when Betty, in 1977 when Zoe and now Suzanne

Britain “the most beautiful family”: three generations of four received the title of beauty queen

25, according to British media reports, the British 82-year-old woman Betty. Spink three generations of a four (including her own, her 57-year-old twin daughters, Zoe and Guy, as well as 25-year-old granddaughter, Suzanne Sailun Su) has removal of “beauty queen” title, known as “Britain’s most beautiful family.”

According to reports, now 82-year-old Betty. Spink is the United Kingdom, West Yorkshire Kelaikexi Dayton City, in 1948, when he was 21 years of age the instigation of her husband, Neville, participants at a local beauty pageant competition, do not want to actually took first place and win any prize money £ 100. Later, Betty also participated in the “Isle of Man Miss” beauty contest, and won the title in one fell swoop; In addition, she was elected the “New Brighton Miss” beauty contest runner-up.

After the beauty out of the stage, Betty returned home to start a full-time housewives, and in 1952 with her husband birth to a pair of beautiful lovely twin daughters – Zoe, and Gay. But let Betty never dreamed that his “beauty queen” road actually from generation to generation.

In 1977, when he was 25-year-old Zoe in one fell swoop aspirations to, the “Miss” title, followed by British singer Elton John in person a national treasure for its Coronation “25 anniversary of the ladies,” the crown to commemorate the event organized by 25 anniversary. Zoe 25 minutes later when compared to identical twins born sister Gay, more than 20 years old, also won the title of beauty queen, its glamorous extent in comparison with the older sister said it was comparable.

70s of last century, which is “the sister of Britain’s most beautiful flower” has traveled around the world, and act as models, photographs, film, travel between countries among the social elite. Until both retired, the sisters formed their own separate family, plays a wife, mother, wife and mother role.

Betty, now 25-year-old granddaughter, Suzanne Sailun Su also inherited her “beautiful genes”, since four years ago for the first time to participate in beauty contests, Suzanne will be hopelessly hooked on T Taiwan walk catwalk. Outstanding record as a tennis player, she has a fit body and a tall blonde hair shawl. Even more remarkably, she also holds a master’s degree in Business, North Carolina State University. Suzanne has always been keen on environmental protection and small-animal rights advocacy work.

Began in August of this year’s “Miss United Kingdom Earth,” the competition, Susanna, downing, reached the final. That night, she wore a well-known by the British “green architect” Christine Spencer for its tailor-made “junk bags evening,” appears in many beauties in the maverick. In the end, voted by the general audience text messages, and she won one fell swoop of environmental protection the theme of the beauty contest queen title.

One went so far as three generations are “beauty queen”, Betty has been a British media described as “Britain’s most beautiful family.” According to Zoe said that they had a three generations become a “beauty queen” Obviously, thanks to their family in the blood flowing “beautiful genes.”

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