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G8: Britain could cut nuclear stockpile, Gordon Brown says


G8: Britain could cut nuclear stockpile, Gordon Brown says

US july 10-brokered talks next year aimed at preventing nuclear proliferation could pave the way for Britain to reduce its 160-warhead arsenal in return for proof from aspiring nuclear states that they had stopped their weapons programmes.

President Barack Obama has invited as many as 30 nations to talks in Washington next March. The White House said the talks would focus on preventing the spread of nuclear material to rogue states and terrorist groups.

Talks could lead to more intrusive international inspections, and pressure for countries other than the US and Russia, which together account for 95 per cent of the world’s nuclear weapons, to contribute to disarmament. Mr Obama earlier this week got the promise of a pact with Russia to reduce nuclear arms.

Speaking at the G8 summit in Italy, Mr Brown insisted there was no question of abandoning plans to replace the Trident weapons system. But he signalled that the number of British warheads and nuclear-armed submarines could be reduced as part of a new international agreement.

“What we need is collective action by the nuclear weapons powers to say that we are prepared to reduce our nuclear weapons, but we need assurances also that other countries will not proliferate them,” he said.

Mr Brown said the meeting could also help to draw up a replacement for the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Mr Brown said that the number of states with nuclear weapons had risen to nine from the treaty’s five original signers and that there was the “threat of a big rise in nuclear weapon states in this decade.”

He said: “The whole point of a non-proliferation treaty is those who have weapons will be looking at reducing them as far as possible.”

Mr Brown gave no details on the scale of any cuts in the British deterrent. However, a 2006 Government White Paper on replacing Trident committed Britain to reducing the number of warheads to fewer than 160. The Government has never specified what the new number will be, keeping the figure confidential.

However, Britain’s operational nuclear deterrent is routinely based on fewer than 50 warheads. A Vanguard-class submarine sails with a maximum of 48 warheads. There is normally only one submarine deployed on operational duty at any given time.

The Royal Navy has four Vanguard-class submarines capable of carrying Trident nuclear missiles. The Ministry of Defence is considering plans to cut that number to three when the Vanguards are replaced.

Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary, announced this week that Labour, like the Conservatives, would hold a full Strategic Defence Review after the next election.

That raised doubts about the Trident replacement, but Mr Brown made clear he was not prepared to consider getting rid of all of Britain’s nuclear weapons, saying they remained vital to national security. He said: “Iran is attempting to build a nuclear weapon, North Korea is attempting to build a nuclear weapon. Unilateral action by the UK would not be seen as the best way.”

Russia and the US – which hold 90 per cent of the world’s warheads – made a preliminary agreement last week to cut their arsenals by as much as a third.

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United Kingdom Eugene ni Princess set sail university life achievements Guanjue British royal family


Eugene ni Princess is by far the best A-level results in the members of the British royal family

United Kingdom Eugene ni Princess set sail university life achievements Guanjue British royal family


Ni Princess Eugene (left) has been big hand in the new New Zealand friends, walk hand in hand with the students on campus.

BEIJING, September 26 Xinhua Queen’s granddaughter, Queen’s second son Prince Andrew’s daughter Princess Eugene at the University of Newcastle-ni “new Week” talked and laughed in the face of a new university campus life, 19-year-old, she looked leisurely.

BBC quoted British newspapers reported that the Princess Eugene ni went to Newcastle University students during the opening ceremony looked happy, looked relaxed. Moreover, she seems to know nothing Chu strangers and unfamiliar environment, will soon hand in the university of new friends, talked and laughed with the other girls walked hand in hand in the campus.

Eugene Ni, said she chose to attend the University of Newcastle because “this is a great city.”

College students last year by a British opinion poll, Newcastle is the most popular place to live. The place due to a variety of nightlife, vibrant bars, nightclubs and well known.

University of Newcastle in recent years by many private health of all ages. Eugene-ni will be here to spend three-year university career. She will choose English literature, art history and politics. As a member of the British royal family, Eugene Ni favorable conditions to leave the royal family’s residence, preferring to live in £ 96 a week student dormitory.

Like her classmates, Eugene-ni’s “new home” is a bedroom with a bathroom. Bedroom is equipped with a single bed, wardrobe, desk and chest of drawers. She will work with five other students in the living room and kitchen combined.

However, unlike other students, Eugene ni went there where the royal family of security at any time “protect the emperor.”

Nicole Eugene last summer from Marlborough College (Marlborough College) graduate. She was in English, art A-level examinations have achieved “A” and other achievements, and in art history to obtain “B” and other achievements. She is so far the best A-level results in the British royal family.

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William Hague to urge reform on visit to Burma

William Hague is visiting Burma, the first British foreign secretary to do so for more than 50 years.

He is expected to use meetings with the country’s leaders to press for the release of more political prisoners.
His visit is the latest in a series by top diplomats from around the world, amid steps towards reform by the new government in Burma.
Burma held its first elections in 20 years in 2010, replacing military rule with a nominally civilian government.
Since then the new administration has freed pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and begun a process of dialogue.
Last month she formally registered her National League for Democracy as a political party, after boycotting the 2010 polls because of electoral laws that prevented her taking part.

In December US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Burma, in what was seen as an endorsement of the reform process – although Western observers say much more is needed.
‘Political freedom’

Speaking ahead of his arrival in the capital, Nay Pyi Taw, William Hague welcomed the “encouraging” steps taken by the government.

“I am visiting the country to encourage the Burmese government to continue on its path of reform, and to gauge what more Britain can do to support this process,” he said.

Mr Hague is the first British foreign secretary to visit Burma since 1955.

In Nay Pyi Taw he will hold talks with President Thein Sein, a former top general who stepped down to contest the polls as a civilian.

He will then travel to Rangoon, Burma’s commercial capital, to meet Aung San Suu Kyi, representatives of some of Burma’s ethnic minority groups and dissidents.

Ms Suu Kyi’s party plans to contest by-elections in April that could see her elected to parliament. Her party secured a landslide victory in polls in 1990 but was never allowed to take power.

The new government has released some political prisoners in recent months but between 600 and 1,000 journalists, dissidents and monks who led anti-government protests in 2007 are thought to remain behind bars.

Mr Hague said he wanted to see more progress on reform.

“Further steps are needed that will have a lasting impact on human rights and political freedom in Burma,” he said.

“In particular, we hope to see the release of all remaining political prisoners, free and fair by-elections, humanitarian access to people in conflict areas, and credible steps towards national reconciliation.”

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