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Highest Building in the World Back Open

Highest Building in the World Back Open

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DUBAI – observation deck of the world’s tallest building in Dubai, Uni Arab Emirat, today re-opened after two months of closed to the public.

Observation deck is the place where wisawatan could see the broad view of the gulf countries. Building known as Burj Khalifa is closed after the damage occurred at lift causing a tourist trapped on the floor 120.

Dozens of tourists today mengantre to buy tickets to the 124th floor. The floor was at the height of the meal or if some 800 meters above the ground, where the Pavilion is located.

Deck is closed to the public in February when the lift suddenly stopped. A number of tourists could get stuck for 45 minutes before a rescue team, producing them via a ladder into the lane lift. Up to now unknown will cause the damage of the lift.

Burj Khalifa himself open to the public since last January. This building has a 828 meters high with 160 floors. However, there dikabarkan additional floor above.

Emar Properties, flourish of the building did not give an official announcement concerning the opening of the Pavilion observation of this silver-colored buildings.

Two lift, each able to accommodate up to 15 people, each operating day from 10.00 am to 09:00 pm. Lift to increase the natural two-hour time. Every tourist charged 100 dirhams, or if Rp246 thousand to three minutes at the Pavilion.

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U.S. Men’s 6 years with 6 million toothpicks to build the world’s architectural


Stan carefully with toothpicks to build Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the screen can be seen in central Shanghai “Oriental Pearl” TV Tower.

U.S. Men’s 6 years with 6 million toothpicks to build the world’s architectural

BEIJING, September 14 outside the integrated media Xinhua reported that the New York State a man Stan • Munro took six years and spent six million toothpicks and 170 liters of glue erected two astounding “toothpick City . ”

According to reports, Stan, now 38-year-old resigned in 2003 television presenter’s work full-time into a “toothpick city” construction work, he spent two years, using toothpicks to build out the name “skyscraper’s history” “Toothpick City, No. 1”, including a 6-month time-consuming construction of the New York landmark – his wife’s heart a good thing Chrysler Building, as well as London, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Paris Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building in New York, Dubai, “windsurfing Hotel” and other marks of more than 50 world-renowned architectural models.


Stan and his skyscrapers were: New York Chrysler Building (left), Malaysia’s Petronas Towers (the rear), Taipei 101 building (right), etc.

In 2005, Spain’s Mallorca Island, a museum of this group of fine works of art.

Had been established, Stan decided to indulge toothpick art, took four years to build a more Hui-hung, ingenious “toothpick City, No. 2”, including 40 multiple world-renowned religious landmarks and skyscrapers, such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia and so on. It is learned that, “Toothpick City 2” will be the end of this year, “completed”, will be the city of Lagos in the tin, “Science and Technology Museum” for the first time on display.

To date, Stan has spent six years, using a total of about 6 million toothpicks and 170 liters of glue to build two sets of works of art. These materials are wholesale to the “bargain.” Even so, these internal hollow, only a small number of supporting structure of the model is still solid as a rock.


Ingenious, “Cutty Sark Clipper” model

Before embarking on production of each construction, Stan will be downloaded from the Internet mass of the building’s technical drawings and satellite photographs, and spend a lot of time to study its internal structure and design. He then built according to the ratio of 1:164 building, the Sydney Opera House, Taj Mahal, India and the “Cutty Sark Clipper” model are based on the proportion of the birth of a masterpiece.

Each building model due to the complexity and size of different, very different time-consuming. The shortest time-consuming and the Washington Monument took only 1 day, while the longest time-consuming, such as the Chrysler Building is shared by 6 months. For the complex structure of large buildings, Stan will be built first of all some of the smaller independent modules, and then they are assembled together to facilitate transportation, not easy to broke.

4417973W008 SN99_TOOTHPICK_CITY_11.jpg

India’s “Taj Mahal”

Stein said he was very young when the “toothpick building” very interested in, he built the landmark buildings around the world, is designed to display the “religious diversity, architectural achievements, and (restore) The historical accuracy” , so that there is no people around the world and Yibaoyanfu.

He said he has not yet discovered that someone will be so much the same proportion of the buildings together, not to mention the use of this material constructed of toothpicks. His “toothpick building” can be called an innovation.

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Hulkenberg replaces Sutil at Force India

Nico Hulkenberg is determined to make the most of his second chance in Formula One after being given one of Force India’s two race seats for 2012.

The 25-year-old will replace fellow German driver Adrian Sutil, who departs after six years at the UK-based team.

Hulkenberg was Force India’s reserve driver this year behind Sutil and Scottish rookie Paul di Resta, who will retain his seat after finishing 13th overall with 27 points in his debut season.

“It wasn’t easy to watch from the sidelines this season, but I did my best to help the team and show what I was capable of,” said Hulkenberg, who was released by Williams in 2010 despite earning his maiden pole position in his rookie season.
I’m extremely motivated for 2012 and would like to thank everyone for believing in me and giving me this chance. I’m keen to get down to work over the winter to develop our new car and help the team build on this year’s achievements. The first test in Jerez can’t come soon enough.”

The 28-year-old Sutil’s future is uncertain despite finishing ninth overall with 42 points. The only teams with seats available are Williams and HRT.

“Our new line-up means we say ‘goodbye’ to Adrian Sutil, who has been with the team since we entered the sport,” said Force India boss Vijay Mallya.

“He has been an integral part of our success over the past four seasons and we wish him well for the future.”

Di Resta hopes to build on his promising first season.

“I’m really excited about 2012 and there is a real sense of belief that we can continue to push the top teams and take another step forward,” the 25-year-old said.

“I’d also like to thank the team for all their hard work this year and for all the support they’ve given me. I’ll take some time out over the next few weeks to recharge my batteries and hopefully come back even stronger in 2012.”

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