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California Institute of Technology Alumni Qian death obituary published


Well-known Chinese scientist Qian (1911 ~ 2009).

California Institute of Technology Alumni Qian death obituary published


Qian (1911 ~ 2009) China’s famous scientist

China news agency, Los Angeles, November 2 (Reporter Zhang Wei) – Well-known American institutions of higher education at the California Institute of Technology on the 2nd page on its Web site published an obituary Qian’s death. Qian, California Institute of Technology in learning and working for 10 years and received his Ph.D. in the school. Qian awarded the highest honor the school in 1979: “Outstanding Alumni Award.”

Today is Monday, California Institute of Technology’s home page on its official Web site of China published the news of the death of eminent scientist Qian, reported that: “Qian (Ph.D. 1939 winner), California Institute of Technology alumni, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) one of the founders died on October 31, at the age of 98 years old. ”

Obituary said that Qian had participated in the U.S. military’s new rocket development program, and his outstanding contribution to be appreciated by the U.S. Air Force. However, in 1950, this Chinese-born scientist accused of sympathizing with communism under investigation. However, these allegations lack of evidence, Qian and his colleagues, and all walks of life to protest the authorities out of nothing. The next five years, Qian and his family by the U.S. government surveillance and house arrest.

Obituary concluded that in September 1955, Qian was allowed to return to China. In China, Qian resumed research work, the creation of the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; later became China’s “Father of the missile,” China’s most respected scientists.

Qian studying in the United States for nearly two decades, most of them spent time at the California Institute of Technology. He was from 1936 to 1939 at the California Institute of Technology aeronautics and mathematics learning, and earned a doctorate, and then most of the time in the school to teach and conduct research. In 1979, California Institute of Technology awarded the highest honor Qian: “Outstanding Alumni Award”, it was not until December 2001, Qian was formally accept this honor.

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