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European dairy farmers protest milk prices, countries refuse to allocate more subsidies


Belgian dairy farmers to protest the dumping of fresh milk, milk prices fell

European dairy farmers protest milk prices, countries refuse to allocate more subsidies


Belgian dairy farmers in the dumping of fresh milk

Xinhua BEIJING, September 17 more EU countries to support the development of new regulatory framework to help the European countries low milk prices dairy farmers to solve the problem.

According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao,” reported that the French agriculture minister Lemaire Tuesday said that the farmers are the best answer is to begin the restructuring of the EU milk market, rather than to provide more subsidies.

French farmers protest began last week, the wave is being extended to other countries.

Lemerre in other countries and the European Union agriculture ministers told reporters after the meeting: “We do not intend to provide more financial support to farmers, we need to create a new market regulatory framework, which is the European Commission and all Member States of the key issues.”

French farmers protest last week, the first action, and now several European countries, farmers have refused to send the milk, but prefer to give the public free of charge, or milk drained. China protests milk and milk prices have fallen last year, also against the European Union to raise the annual quota, saying it would exacerbate the collapse of milk market.

Lemaire said Tuesday the proposal of France and Germany has been the support of Spain and the Czech Republic, so that the country voted in favor to 18. He is also expecting to hear next week a visit to Warsaw of Poland’s decision.

Franco-German proposals, including short-term and long-term measures of two parts, the short-term measures to increase butter, milk powder and cheese export compensation, long-term change, however, including the European Union to intervene annual milk sales, as well as between the signing of dairy farmers and milk supplier the contract agreements.

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