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Obama was elected president a year did not make any great achievements


Cartoon: Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Obama was elected president a year did not make any great achievements

BEIJING, November 4 (Xinhua Wu Xiang) November 4, 2008, Obama beat Republican candidate John McCain, was elected the first black president in U.S. history. His election was seen as “American Dream” the best endorsement has also been evaluated as the United States marks a milestone of social progress.

The banner of “change” slogan of the presidential office, triggering a global rare “when engaged in the political tide.” In civil society, his image on board a variety of popular products, “Obama” on behalf of young people and even become “cool” mantra, all the information in their lives are as important gossip. In politics, he came to power, and the Islamic countries, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea and other countries and regions have emerged in the relationship between signs of improvement. This “Zhongxingpengyue” in posture, in 2009 the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to him reached a peak.

However, he was elected a year later retrospect, we feel with the peace prize after the release of an avalanche of questions like: What Obama seems to have not made a great achievement.

Medical reform: a commitment difficult to fulfill

Obama determined to implement his campaign promises of the most important one: medical reform. Its main objective is to allow all Americans access to health insurance, but who need to increase the insurance should be provided at a cost And how to pay? People hold different views on this, particularly in whether the Government should let the public insurance institutions of their choice on a serious disagreement. The Senate Democratic leader to defy the president will insist on the establishment of public health insurance options, despite the lack of Republican support for this program, to the program by laying a shadow, but also on Obama’s cross-party politics, a dream hit.

In fact, Obama has proved unable to deliver many of the actions are pretty committed. For instance, he committed to broadcast its meetings, but the results were the motion behind closed doors. These are reflected in Obama “naive.” Survey shows that over the past year, the people of Obama’s confidence in the internal affairs of the United States of governance and popularity plummeted. Most people lose confidence, it is precisely Obama for the elimination of differences between the United States of different political parties work. Obama’s success that the rifts in political parties, who make up 54% a year ago, while only 28% in the near future.

Afghanistan: the dilemma by a surge

Obama’s campaign claimed that the war in Afghanistan is “an inevitable war.” Since the start of withdrawal of Iraq, Afghanistan became the core of U.S. foreign battlefield. However, U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan after the supreme commander of Maike Ke Risto proposal to increase troops in Afghanistan to 8 million people. Obama has said that Afghanistan is very important to take the next step, he will not make hasty decisions.

November 2, the Afghan Independent Electoral Commission suddenly announced that, due to the Afghan presidential election, one candidate, former Foreign Minister Abdullah withdraw from the election, Afghanistan canceled the second round of presidential elections, Karzai’s re-election. The mutation to Obama’s Afghanistan policy, tremendous pressure, because “the White House could not find an excuse to delay to the General Christopher Mai Keke resources required.”

Another problem is: many Americans are not in favor of expanding the war in Afghanistan. Public opinion has been losing ground to Obama, how to choose?

Middle East: Palestine-Israel policy back

In the Middle East, the Palestinian-Israeli relations with the United States the interests of the most relevant issues. He still can not find this knot can be untied approach.

The beginning of the Israeli invasion of Gaza, Obama took the eve of a cease-fire, so that people of Obama’s “charisma,” are greatly looking forward to. He University in Cairo in June against the Muslim world’s “landmark” speech, but also to obtain a favorable. However, recently went to the Middle East, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mediate the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks and hope that the Palestinians accept Israel’s public statement without conditions to stop the construction of settlements, the result is rejected, also raised in Jordan, Egypt and other Middle East peace process and an important partner’s dissatisfaction.

Some analysts pointed out that the relative peace in 2003, Bush launched the “road map” and the period of the policy of George HW Bush, Hillary’s position shows Obama’s Middle East policy, a historic setback occurred: George HW Bush in order to force Israel to halt construction of settlements, once To cancel a loan guarantee, forcing the Israeli Government to change its policies. Obama’s position changes, the Israeli right-wing Government is very tough, and he faces the hard-line forces of reaction – Barack Obama’s weak foreign policy in the Middle East was revealed beyond doubt.

External relations: the effectiveness of long and almost invisible

While Obama’s personal popularity is high in the world is a star-type figure. However, the specific to the country’s diplomacy, he still could not get the number of dazzling achievements.

Russia: Obama led with Russia to discuss the new nuclear arms reduction treaty, and the initiative to stop the construction of anti-missile bases in Eastern Europe, once led to the hope of improving relations between the two sides. But the present situation, the changes in US-Russian relations have not yet real progress: Obama calls for “nuclear-free world”, but Russian Foreign Minister on the 2nd has said that Russia will not completely abandon its nuclear weapons; while Obama said he would build a new Europe anti-missile base will inevitably lead to the vigilance of Russia.

North Korea: in August, former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s visit to North Korea, not only of being brought back to North Korea’s seizure of two American journalists, but also brought hope for the US-North Korea dialogue. But 3 months later, North Korea’s nuclear facilities on the issue of verification is still no breakthrough, no signs of six-party talks to resume soon.

Iran: Since the beginning of a good show frequently between the United States and Iran: Obama tried badminton diplomacy, Iran released the U.S. female reporter. However, in the most crucial issue of Iran’s nuclear fuel, both sides of intransigence. And Obama’s new European anti-missile program, more directly aimed at the so-called “Iranian threat.”

These diplomatic retreat, people think Obama is the Shan Zhao angel wings come eventually had to return to the United States eagle’s image.

Future: still patiently waiting for

To say Obama’s election this year, the greatest achievement is that the growing signs of U.S. economic recovery, U.S. economic recovery in the first three quarters of 3.5% growth is very good news. But experts warn that the unemployment rate will continue to climb in the Dow broke 10000 points, a time when nearly one in every ten Americans have an unemployed person, Obama himself has admitted a full recovery is still far.

In addition, improvements in the U.S. image abroad is one of the major achievements of Barack Obama. June published in 22 countries, opinion polls show that since Obama was elected last November, the United States to enhance overseas-shaped six percentage points once, 42% said the United States a good impression. Published in July in 24 countries by the poll, Obama sharply reversing the foreign office when the United States in Bush’s view of the continued deterioration of the trend, many countries hold a positive view of the United States the ratio was almost restored to the Bush administration the former era.

Now, Obama is most needed is time. His luck is really “bad”, the former left him, is an internal and external clean up the mess. And many major issues, nor is it can be resolved overnight: for example, medical reform, successive U.S. presidents were “to do but not made.” Barack Obama does not want to pay a political price to resolve these problems, I am afraid that will not work.

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Love 999: British police officers elected auspicious time for the trend of marriage


A pair of British police officers intend to September 9, 2009 The “only once a lifetime,” the days of marriage.

Love 999: British police officers elected auspicious time for the trend of marriage


3 “9” reunite, affectionately kissing the officers decided to carry out in the end love.

BEIJING, September 9, according to British media on the 9th Xinhua reported that two pairs of police officers in Britain today, tied the knot, they are to “jump on the bandwagon”, specially chosen to September 9, 2009 this rare day of marriage.

It seems, in addition to the Chinese people think that this year is a down day today, the British seem to understand that the three numbers “9” implied in the “permanence”, “love you long long time,” the profound meaning.

In which two police officers are former college classmates, they have fell in love 10 years, respectively, both aged 30 years and 29 years old. They are originally intended to August 8, 2008, when married, and later postponed to this year, they think of marriage this year, today is a “perfect date”, decided today, “will be carried out in the end of love.”

The woman said: “We’re really looking forward to, it will be a great day. I am a bit nervous, but excited.” The man said they love each other, and decided in the hundred years of the date itself entrusted solely to the other side. Moreover, the date of the next number of years and then turn contains three “9”, it will span a century of vicissitudes, need to wait for a century.

While the two have little savings, but in order to catch up with one of this rare day, decided to cut other expenses to run the wedding.

At the same time, there is a pair of Britain’s firefighters have chosen the same date of marriage. The 49-year-old man has been working in the fire protection system for 30 years, while the woman, now 40 years old, a year ago, became a fireman. The two like-minded decision September 9, 2009 ride fire engines went to the Office of registration and at the local celebration of marriage.

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