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Apple iPhone TV Ads

Apple iPhone TV Ads

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Packet Video’s latest Mobile Broadcast Receiver, which looks like a small white box, is able to stream mobile TV to devices with no mobile TV reception capability, such as the iPhone and iPod Touch.This list is a round up of some of the live TV options available on the iPhone.

Most of these apps work best over wifi (and a few won’t work at all over 3G), and generally live streaming is a big drain on battery life. Still, being able to catch up with live television or out-of-market broadcasts when you’re not near your TV is a great option for iPhone owners to have.

netTV (Free/$2.99

Available in both free and paid options, netTV offers live streaming access to over 200 channels from around the world, including a larger-than-usual number of channels from the US. The quality is generally pretty good, though I did experience some issues when first connecting to a channel, and of course it varies from channel to channel (depending on the source of the video stream).TVUPlayer


TVUPlayer plays live TV for over 300 channels, though only a handful of channels broadcast at the right bandwidth to play well

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PS3 Playstation 3 WVI

PS3 Playstation 3 WVI

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Sony EMCS, Foxconn, Lanix, ASUSTeK for SCEI


Video game console


Blu-ray Disc (standard), DVD, Compact Disc (all models)Super Audio CD (1st & 2nd generations only), Digital distribution




system software version 3.15


3.2 GHz Cell Broadband Engine with 1 PPE & 7 SPEs


2.5″ SATA hard drive


(20 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB, 80 GB, 120 GB, 160 GB, or 250 GB included) (upgradeable)Graphics     550 MHz NVIDIA/SCEI RSX ‘Reality Synthesizer’Controller input     Sixaxis, DualShock 3, all USB controllers

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Palestinians say Israel kills two in Gaza

Palestinians say Israel kills two in Gaza

GAZA (Reuters) – An Israeli missile strike killed two Hamas gunmen in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday, Palestinian hospital officials said, but Israel denied mounting any military action in the area.

Hamas, the ruling Palestinian Islamist faction, said three of its gunmen died in the explosion near the town of Beit Hanoun, and blamed an Israeli attack. But hospital officials said one of the casualties was severely hurt rather than killed.

An Israeli military spokesman said: “There were no actions by our forces in the area.”

The last week has seen a flare-up of violence in Gaza, where Israel waged a three-week war a year ago. Israel said Palestinian militants other than Hamas were responsible for the recent rash of cross-border rocket and mortar attacks, and urged Hamas to rein them in.

An Israeli security source said Israel was aware that a blast had taken place near Beit Hanoun.

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