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Giant Panda in China rips off man’s jacket


Giant Panda in China rips off man’s jacket

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China : Tourist has jacket ripped off his back by Giant Panda in open cage at Nature Reserve dedicated to survival of the endangered species (02 Nov 1992).

The visitor to Chengdu Zoo sat with his back against the panda’s railings for a picture to be taken.

His jacket attracted the 75-kilogram (165 pound) panda’s attention and the creature grabbed it, while the man was held by his friends, setting up a ‘tug of war’.

Future prospects for giant pandas have just been strengthened by a Chinese 10-year plan that will cost about 50 million United States dollars.

Officials have realised that more funds are needed to save the panda. Only 1,000 giant pandas are believed to be alive today.

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“Ig Nobel Prize,” announced that the results are strange and Ray turned people


Low-cost materials prizes

“Ig Nobel Prize,” announced that the results are strange and Ray turned people

Xinhua BEIJING, October 3 Nobel Prize winners are announced next week, but on local time 1, a humor magazine to catch the Nobel Prize “for warm-up.” According to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that Sanders Theater at Harvard University held the “Ig Nobel” awards. Award-winning research and varied, including the discovery of cows to take the name of higher yield of holding an empty bottle in a bar fight were lethal type K, or the invention of the bra can be replaced by gas masks and so on.

It is reported that Ig Nobel Prize (Ig Nobel) a year ahead of the Nobel Prize awarded to two weeks before the announcement. Its organizers as “the study can not be recorded” (Annals of Improbable Research), the name is derived from the Nobel similar to the word noble (noble) of the opposite of “ignoble” (lowly, the ugly), even the name is not Forget You-Deity a dictation.

The award was founded in 1991 to encourage human beings to extraordinary imagination and creativity, using the scientific method, “At first glance a laugh, followed by thought-provoking research.” Each of the 10 areas of research awards, including the traditional Nobel Prize five areas: physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace, coupled with public health, engineering, biology and other disciplines.

Rare, although at first glance does not seem to honor the winning, the organizers also said that if the winners feel humiliated, they would withdraw the nomination. But in fact the majority of winners are happy, the organizers also invited to serve as judges Nobel laureate. For example last year’s Nobel laureate in economics Paul Krugman would be invited to attend this time.

The following is Hong Kong, “Wen Wei Po,” summed up some of the “Ig Nobel” winners, its research content described as “an eye-opener”:

Veterinary Medicine Award: University of Newcastle upon Tyne Douglas and Rawlinson. Winning Reason: found to have the name of a higher milk yield cows.

Peace Prize: the University of Bern, Switzerland, Bollinger and four colleagues. Winning Reason: found empty beer bottles than wine bottles filled with more lethal.

Medicine: Dr. Unger California. Winning Reason: 60 years and tap the left hand finger joints a day, with the right hand control, take a look at it not like a mother that led to arthritis. This year 83-year-old said: “I have two hands knuckle has not expressed any signs of arthritis can be made to heaven, said: Mom, you are wrong.”

Prize in Economics: including the central bank of Iceland Icelandic banks, including four directors, executives and auditors. Winners reason: that small banks can quickly become big banks, and vice versa, and prove the same thing can occur in the whole country the economy.

Chemistry Award: National Autonomous University of Mexico, Evo Morales, and two colleagues. Winners reasons: to use the Mexican tequila manufacture of the famous diamonds, high-pressure vessel is heated tequila, made of diamond thin.

Literary Award: Irish police force. Winners reasons: they think is the way to a man driving recidivism Prawo Jazdy issued more than 50 tickets, in fact, “Prawo Jazdy” in Polish is a driver’s license meant.

Public Health Award: Chicago Bodnar and two colleagues. Award Reason: invent a bust, in case of emergency could be turned into two smoke masks, have been life-saving rescue.

Mathematics Award: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and President Asangono. Winning Reason: printed banknote denominations ranging from one assigned to 100 trillion, so that a large number of people to deal with numbers every day.

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Ig Nobel Prize is revealed: such as gas masks found in award-winning Bust


Photo: Ukrainian-American female doctor on the spot Bodnar model invented gas masks her chest

Ig Nobel Prize is revealed: such as gas masks found in award-winning Bust

BEIJING, October 3, according to Xinhua Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao quoted foreign wire services reported that the U.S. was held on the 1st Annual Ig Nobel Prize awards ceremony, to humor the way to elect the economic, physical, medical and and equality in different areas of the winner. Winners of the research results include the discovery of an empty bottle to hit people more than with the full bottle of mass destruction, one can be converted into a gas mask chest, found the names of more milk cows, as well as can be found in the faeces of giant pandas in the decomposition of kitchen refuse.

Ig Nobel Prize by the “unbelievable Research Report” (in English referred to as “AIR” sponsored by the nineteenth session of the year to do so in order to “crisis” as the theme, the prize presentation ceremony was held at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater is still in the real Nobel Prize winner as a prize presentation ceremony. This Award is presented annually to the 10 “first arouses laughter made man, after thinking” pay tribute to the achievements of the winners at the prize when you feel excited, depending on why they are winning.

Confirmed that the empty bottle for a more lethal than the full bottle and won the “Peace Prize” Swiss scientist Stephen – Bollinger, said the award “is not the pinnacle of my academic achievements on,” but he admitted it was “I professional career of the most interesting or memorable moments as one. ” He and a number of funny, like Nobel winner, stressed that his research has real scientific value, not Naozhuo Wan. He said he found the bottle will help the court determine how much can be caused by head injuries.

Living in Chicago’s Ukrainian-American woman doctor Elena – Bodnar invention “gas mask bust” as she won the “Public Health Award.” This bra can be split into two gas masks, users can not only escaped in the gas in, you can also save a friend. Although it a bit like the film’s silly laugh invention, but it was the invention of mind from the tragedy of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. In 1986, many Ukrainians are a result of inhalation of radioisotopes of iodine, “Iodine -131” and illness in order to study the disaster medical career Bodnar started thinking, if there was cheap and portable anti-virus masks, their health will not be as serious damage. She said that the invention can also be in the “September 11” terrorist attacks and dust storms in Sydney to use the kind of situation, shape and rather beautiful, and general chest is no different.

“Veterinary Medicine” falls on the University of Newcastle upon Tyne scholar Peter – Rawlinson and Catherine – the hands of Douglas. They found that were commensurate with the owner to the name of the dairy cows milk production more than nameless, because the master of love can stimulate the secretion of milk cows. Thus increasing production of milk a few cows, but if a large number of cattle per head is the production of such “gratitude milk”, the owner of the income will be increased significantly.

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