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GPS Papago! Navigator Z-820


GPS Papago! Navigator Z-820

After testing the terrific Papago! Navigator Z-820, we will never view GPS units the same way again.

I HAVE been peering into a lot of cars lately while stopped at the traffic light. It’s not because I’ve developed some perverse habit but because I’m starting to notice that a lot of people now have some kind of GPS device installed into their cars.

This has to be a testament to how popular GPS has actually become in a short space of a few years. While most GPS units on the market today feature variants of the same MapKing software, the rather oddly-named Papago! from Navitech has something quite unusual.

It’s one of the first GPS units I’ve seen that displays 3D ­buildings, a feature usually found on pricey, high-end units. While this in itself isn’t a good reason to get the Papago!, there are a few other tweaks which makes it an interesting proposition compared with other GPS units.

IN ACTION: The Papago! has a short but sturdy suction cup holder.

HANDY FEATURE: The Papago! shows you a 3D rendered reprentation of the juntion, making it much easier to identify the correct turning.


I’ve tested quite a number of GPS units through the years, and to be honest, one system is very much like another.

However, the Papago! has ­proven to be a breath of fresh air as the interface is actually well ­thought-out and is easier to use than the standard MapKing ­interface and about as good in terms of ease-of-use as the Garmin Nuvi series.

While it’s sparse on other flashy features like MP3 playback, photo viewing and such but the GPS ­functions are solid and the 3D buildings and junction feature is actually more useful than I initially thought it would be.

If you’re looking for a very good GPS at a reasonable price, you should take a serious look at the Papago! It’s so good that I wager it won’t be long before other locally sold GPS units will be featuring the same user interface and software.

Pros: Solid GPS features; 3D buildings and junctions feature are surprisingly useful.

Cons: Design could be more attractive

Papago! Navigator Z-820

(Navitech) GPS car navigation unit

GPS chipset: SiRF Star III

Operating System: Windows CE.NET 5.0 Core Version

CPU: Samsung SC2443 400MHz processor

Memory: 2GB flash memory

Storage: SD expansion slot

Display: 4.3in LCD

Battery: 2,200mAh lithium-ion

Weight: 160g

Dimensions: 90 x 82 x 20mm

Price: RM998

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