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The world’s top 15 drug lords hiding spots, two million U.S. dollars have been burning heating for Women


Pablo called “kill devil”, “abduction machine”

The world’s top 15 drug lords hiding spots, two million U.S. dollars have been burning heating for Women

According to the British “Daily Telegraph” and the Colombian media reported that November 4, the late Colombian drug lords Pablo – Escobar – Gaviria called “kill devil”, “kidnapping machine” of the last century 80’s and early 90s, who once dominated the world’s cocaine trade, known as the world number one, “Du Wang.” In 1989, he came to 3.5 billion U.S. dollars net worth of the Forbes billionaires list No. 7. In 1993, hidden in the jungle in Colombia for over a year Pablo police and the U.S. special operations forces in joint operations, died from a shot. In recent days, has been moved to Argentina’s son Pablo, Juan Jing Bao insider said Pablo who had worked in the desperate way, in order to accompany her daughter heating and for cooking, even as many as two million U.S. dollars burning cash.

With 13-year-old friend of the girl to elope

Pablo was born in 1949 in Medellin, Colombia, on the outskirts of a small town, the mother is primary school teacher, his father was an ordinary farmer. Pablo, when 25-year-old fell in love with best friend’s sister, who called the Victoria Haynau (nickname Wikipedia) girl was only 13 years old, they eloped, married two years later.

Pablo is Colombia’s notorious Medellin drug syndicate leader, he was the United States and the Colombian government as a thorn in the side, several tried to suppress drug-trafficking organizations, Colombian politicians have been killed, he hired professional killers.

However, the inhabitants of Medellin was circulating on the “woman of great kindness Pablo Grandpa,” the legend. He construction of kindergartens, schools, soccer fields, for En Weijia multi-founded Football Club. He asked farmers not to grow corn and potatoes, switching to coca (refined cocaine).

Escape to flee after being shot

In 1989, Pablo began to come doomsday. Song of the President announced the resumption of extradition with the United States signed an agreement to take over the “golden action” Pablo was trying to sail in one fell swoop destroyed the house, held a secret meeting. Pablo umbrella to provide the same year, Panama’s President Manuel Noriega has been invested in U.S. prison, Medellin group of several top figures were either killed or caught.

In 1990, the kidnapping of the president’s son, Pablo demanding a ceasefire with the government. Finally, the Colombian government promised not to extradite him to the United States, and promised to use his money to give him the many specialized En Weijia build a prison. June 19, 1991, Pablo out of the jungle to surrender.

Pablo’s prisons is a super-strong fortress, there are four large rooms, roof plate, half a meter thick reinforced concrete wall is a 10000 volt high-voltage power grid, and is equipped with 69 guard towers. Fort in more than 40 guards, outside the fortress more than 160 soldiers were patrolling in the vicinity there are dozens of vehicles readily available tanks. In prison, he gave himself the construction of a soccer field, but also received hundreds of letters every day fan letters.

July 21, 1992, Pablo escape disguised as a peasant woman. He took his family to flee to Colombia’s remote jungle.

A year later, Colombian police pursuit to Pablo, sharpshooter a bullet from his ear to play into the big drug lords killed on the spot.


Pablo and his wife, wikis, taken in the last century, 80 years

Has a 15-point hiding

Pablo’s death, his widow with a son and daughter wiki moved to Argentina in 1995. Son, Juan is the name of an architect. A few days ago, now 32 years old, he first to break the silence and accept the Colombian magazine “Don Juan” in an interview.

According to Juan said his father, naturally paranoid, hiding in Medellin has 15 points, every 48 hours, it will bring families to the transfer of residence, to prevent the Choujia to find out his real home. He even bought the city of Medellin, a taxi company, so that any stranger came to Medellin by taxi, the driver of men will report to him, Pablo will be immediately sent to these alien visitors were conducting a surveillance and investigation.

Burned 2 million U.S. dollars for the woman heating

Pablo jungle hideout year, the carry-on baggage only brought into bundles bundles of bills, there is no cold cotton-padded clothes. When winter comes, Pablo and his family in the howling winter wind in the shivers. Man Niula daughter has been frozen whole body purple, the risk of death at any time.

In order to save her daughter’s life, Pablo went so far as 2 million U.S. dollars will become a bundle of money out when the firewood to light a fire to warm her daughter. He also uses these “dollar bonfire” boil water for cooking.

Future generations, “A smile can obliterate allies and enemies”

Despite the infamous Pablo, but his son, Juan has been law-abiding. Juan has recently returned to Colombia to shoot a documentary “My father’s sins,” on behalf of his father, who was assassinated his father’s hatred of the descendants of the people an apology. Juan is also the assassination of Colombia and former Minister of Justice Rodrigo Gela La Bo Nila, the former presidential candidate was assassinated the son of Galen met. Juan said: “We all have in common: we are all orphans.” Their father alive was on the right track, but their descendants now, “A smile can obliterate allies and enemies.”

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Man City too good for Liverpool

Man City too good for Liverpool

Manchester City recovered from their shock defeat at Sunderland and opened up a three-point gap at the top of the Premier League table with a comfortable victory over Liverpool.
Roberto Mancini’s side faced a test of character and resilience with a swift turnaround to play again only 48 hours after the loss at the Stadium of Light – and they passed the examination impressively.
Liverpool were denied striker Luis Suarez’s potency as they decided not to appeal against the eight-game ban handed down after the Football Association found the Uruguayan guilty of racially abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra.And they sorely missed Suarez’s menace as they enjoyed plenty of possession but never threatened to turn it into tangible reward.
Mancini incredulous at Man City fixtures
Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina’s error gifted Sergio Aguero an early goal and Yaya Toure rose to head home David Silva’s corner for a second before the break.
The only blot on City’s night came when Gareth Barry was sent off for a second yellow card, which means he misses Sunday’s FA Cup third round tie against Manchester United, but they sealed the win when James Milner scored from the spot after Martin Skrtel fouled Yaya Toure.

It gave City the advantage over closest rivals United before their visit to Newcastle on Wednesday and enabled them to regain momentum after a goalless draw at West Bromwich Albion and the 1-0 reverse at Sunderland.

Liverpool’s efforts lacked punch despite the vast expense lavished on their forward line by manager Kenny Dalglish and they ended well beaten.

Stewart Downing was thwarted by Joe Hart’s crucial early block from Jordan Henderson’s fine pass before Reina gifted City their opening goal.Aguero’s shot was testing in the stormy conditions but the Spaniard made the basic error of failing to get his body behind the ball and the 20-yard shot dipped underneath him to relieve City’s early nerves.

The Argentine then lifted a shot just over before Edin Dzeko’s effort took a heavy deflection off Glen Johnson and flew inches wide with the anxious Reina totally wrong-footed.

As Liverpool appeared to be getting a foothold in proceedings, the hosts struck again 12 minutes before the interval.

Reina made amends for his earlier error by turning Vincent Kompany’s header over the top, but when Silva returned the resulting corner Yaya Toure got ahead of Johnson to head high past the the visiting keeper.

Kompany made a vital intervention at the other end to ensure City protected their two-goal lead until half-time, throwing himself bravely in front of Dirk Kuyt’s shot as the Dutchman moved to turn in Andy Carroll’s header.Once more the Reds saw plenty of the ball after the restart, but their lack of threat prompted Dalglish to make a double change just before the hour mark, sending on Steven Gerrard and former Manchester City striker Craig Bellamy for the disappointing Charlie Adam and Kuyt.

They failed to make any serious inroads into the home defence, although they were given brief hope when Barry was sent off for a second yellow card, an innocuous block on Daniel Agger, with 17 minutes left.
If they did have any hopes of a revival, they were snuffed out two minutes later when referee Mike Jones – a late replacement for Andre Marriner, who refereed the match in which Suarez had his flashpoint with Evra in October – pointed to the spot after Skrtel tangled with Yaya Toure.

After Mancini had failed in demands to have Skrtel sent off by waving an imaginary red card, Milner converted the penalty emphatically.
Substitute Adam Johnson struck the post with a curling effort as City pressed again, but matters had already been settled well before.
Liverpool kept going and tested City keeper Hart with some late efforts from Gerrard and Downing, but he was more than equal to the task on a bitterly disappointing night for Dalglish’s side.

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