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Hitler’s family, many mentally retarded, and their offspring do not want to change the name birth


In 1939, Hitler and the kids to celebrate their 50th birthday, photos of the children is said to be the children of Nazi officials

Hitler’s family, many mentally retarded, and their offspring do not want to change the name birth

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According to the British “Daily Telegraph” September 15 report, two experts from Belgium, claimed that they had “cracked” by a German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s DNA, and trace out the 39 are still alive and Hitler’s “relatives.” Since 1945, after Hitler committed suicide, its descendants are to change the name low-key life.

Grand-nephew will never give birth to children

Jean Paul Bermudez, a Belgian journalist, Make Wei Er Milun is a Belgian historian and customs officials. A few years ago, the two began to examine the family history of Hitler and successfully to trace the whereabouts of the descendants of Hitler’s family.

Lewis, Brian and Alexander, three were brothers living in Long Island, New York, three ordinary people, and still are unmarried. In Long Island, the ancient parts of the East Patch a log cabin, two brothers, Louis and Brian had each day, cut flowers and they are doing the work, while 60-year-old Alexander is a psychologist, now retired.

A few years ago, Bermudez, and Weiermilun came to Long Island, these three individuals in seven days seven nights of tracking and monitoring. In a fast food restaurant, Alexandria eat chicken, it will Cawan mouth napkin threw a tray and then leave. 2, a Belgian journalist handed out eye fast chips to paper towels stained with Alexander the saliva into the bag. A few days later, according to DNA test results, Bermudez and Weiermilun confirmed that Alexander and Hitler with blood.

Alexander’s father, three brothers, William Patrick Hitler, is a pro-Hitler’s nephew. In March 1939, William immigrated to the United States from Germany in New York. In 1944, has 33-year-old William joined the U.S. Navy, and became the Navy Private First Class. Retired, William Felice with a German woman, married, and then moved to Long Island home. In 1987, William died in 2002, Felice also with him forever. William originally had four children, in addition to Alexander, three brothers, there is a child named John Howard, unfortunately, died in a car accident in 1989.

William Si Qianceng repeatedly warned the family, the ashes after the death of 10 million can not be shipped back to Germany, and can not be inscribed on the tombstone, “Hitler” surname. Compared with their fathers, brothers, Alexander brought the shadow of Hitler’s filled with their life. Howard was still alive when the four brothers had made a serious oath to this life do not marry, and never having children, all in the soul of Hitler’s crimes should not be allowed to continue.

William said a German, and their bizarre behavior has also become the reason this reporter visited. In Bermudez and Weiermilun before the United States, “New Yorker” magazine reporter ladder Moses. Rui Bake brother has been tracked to the interview with Alexander. According to Rui Bake recalled, when he was called when the link with the three brothers, they did not make any response. Later, Rui Bake come to their Long Island home. See Rui Bake, he looked nervous and said, without consulting with other family members, he can not discuss any matter relating to William, then Bianba door. Later, a third brother, You Ji Rui Bake call, but the other one heard Rui Bake’s self-introduction, we hung up the phone.

36 descendants to change the name

April 20, 1889, Hitler was born in Bavaria, Germany and Austria border town of Braunau. A few years ago, Bermudez, and went to Austria’s Croix de Vie Pfirter Weiermilun areas where they have more discovery. They are the descendants of Hitler through the collection of cigarette butts thrown away the extracted DNA, as well as several letters 30 years ago from northern France, sent a letter confirmed that there are 36 Austrian villagers are descendants of Hitler.

Study, two reporters found an interesting phenomenon, all of them descendants of Hitler’s change the name. However, they change the pronunciation of new names and “Hitler” similar.

Rui Bake also in Austria and the Czech border called the border industrial city of Linz, the descendants of Hitler conducted a follow-up survey. As far as he found that Hitler’s descendants are the descendants of his half-sister Angela, but also Hitler’s grand-nephew. They live within walking distance from the cemetery to bury parents, not far from Hitler.

“My son” status remaining doubts

The past 50 years, historians have written more than the biography of Hitler, there was little mention of his family. City of La Plata in Argentina, outer suburbs, there is a shabby house, Mardin Xi Yala is its master. More than 50-year-old Mardin alone operates a farm. Mardin is the son of Hitler that is considered the person.

In fact, as April 30, 1945, Hitler and his mistress Eva suicide both in the basement, several Nazis rescued by the couple’s son, he was considered a continuation of the Nazi forces. After careful planning, the boy was sent to Argentina, and has since settled down. For fail-safe, the child Adopted Nazis to Argentina, an elderly couple to a home, and give the child named Mardin Xi Yala.

Found that the secret is called Kaerfute person. Many years ago, like the history of Karl had accidentally found a picture of Hitler holding the child. In order to confirm that this person is Hitler’s blood, Carl is also found in Germany, Hitler’s secret archives in the hands of his son fingerprints. After the news was reported that scientists have confirmed the use of high-tech, Mardin’s fingerprints inside the line and file management, but this argument has not yet been widely recognized.

The most well-known pro-nephew

In August 2006, a drama about William brought to the stage for the United States. Drama is based on the real life William adaptation of his lifetime. Through drama, more people know about Hitler, such a being known as the “black sheep” of the relatives.

The early 30s of last century, a time when Hitler proud when bent to the political development, William, through the reputation of Hitler’s nephew, in the social circles Douqi the awe-inspiring. Retention and Hitler like his mustache, giving her the right hairstyle partial points were sleeping, boasted that he is “the only legitimate descendants of Hitler’s family.”

To the United States, William began with a speech of Hitler’s name for itself everywhere, reportedly the largest ever audience for a 1,500 people. He likes the inside story of Hitler’s family, will be what is incest, whips, as well as plans for world domination etc. say out. If the audience has questions, he would have to answer according to a single whole.

William has the arrogance to make Hitler could not stand it, and he openly said that William was his “most want to see the relatives,” and repeatedly warned William, not the name of your banner trickster, Doulou family matters. William that the young and fit, this is contempt of their own uncle. As a result, then angrily went to the United States, and direct a letter to President Roosevelt, I urge to become a United States soldier. After retiring, he went to Manhattan to a urologist as an assistant.

That the Ministry of describing William staged the drama in the West End, he reportedly had the audience and critics alike.


Hitler’s family, among those with intellectual disabilities

In November 2007, the German well-known genealogy expert, Doctor of Science, Dr. Ralph Young, published a book. The book not only compile a genealogy of Hitler, but also revealed some little-known secrets of Hitler’s family.

Through visits, Dr. Young found so far in 1571 from 641 relatives of Hitler’s curriculum vitae, they extend out of 3300 with Hitler, who have a close blood relationship. In addition to Hitler’s father, he’s in no one ancestor who left Austria in remote forest area of 50 square kilometers of the region, but there are still a family genetic history. It is said that Hitler had secretly ordered a special investigation over the matter, the results show that many of his family are mentally retarded people, including a cousin to suicide, another person suffering from mental disorder, there are two of them have mental retardation.

With regard to Hitler’s descent, Dr. Young believes that Hitler’s mother’s family, his cousin and family are descendants patriarchal family, only William had four children, that is, Lewis, Brian, Alexander and Howard.

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