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Major concessions to avoid sanctions against Iran, most of the uranium enrichment to send abroad


Iran’s chief negotiator to answer a reporter’s question

Major concessions to avoid sanctions against Iran, most of the uranium enrichment to send abroad

BEIJING, October 3 power between Iran and the six countries made a historic breakthrough in nuclear talks: Iran agreed to allow international inspectors to check the latest disclosure of the uranium enrichment plant and hand over part of the uranium enrichment to other countries, and then brought back home for civilian use. Hong Kong, “Wen Wei Po,” the report said Iran made major concessions this time, eliminating the international community to strengthen the threat of sanctions.

United Nations Security Council five permanent members along with representatives of Germany, 1 in Lake Geneva, Switzerland, a 18th century villa, held talks with Iranian representatives. That night, the EU foreign affairs chief Javier Solana announced that Iran will give inspectors a few weeks to check the uranium-enrichment plant is located in Qom. In addition, Iran agreed in principle to 3 / 4 low-enriched uranium shipped to Russia and France for the fuel rods extracted, and then brought back to a research reactor in Tehran, refining isotopes for medical purposes.

Low enriched uranium can be refined into weapons-grade uranium to manufacture nuclear bombs. Iran currently has 1,500 kg low-enriched uranium, while the 2.4 thousand kilograms can produce a nuclear weapon.

During the meeting, the U.S. diplomat William Burns and Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator met Jared Lane had a separate, breaking the United States and Iran broke off high-level contacts in nearly 30 years the situation. Before the end of the meeting, participants agreed to meet again this month. The United States President Barack Obama described the Geneva talks as “good start”, but stressed that Iran must take “substantial measures” to fulfill obligations under international law.

Was also reported that International Atomic Energy Agency Information Services Department, 2, confirmed that the Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei will visit Iran this weekend, on the Iranian nuclear issue to engage in dialogue with the Iranian side.

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