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Japan’s new defense minister reiterated that withdrawal from the Indian Ocean


September 16, the Prime Minister’s official residence in Tokyo, the new Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio (middle) the rate of cabinet members, the collective appearance before the media. That day, Yukio Hatoyama, Prime Minister named by both houses of Congress was elected as Japan’s new electoral term prime minister and form a new cabinet.

Japan’s new defense minister reiterated that withdrawal from the Indian Ocean


September 16, in the Japanese capital Tokyo, the prime minister’s official residence, the new Japanese defense minister Kitazawa Toshimi the press conference.

Japan’s new defense minister Kitazawa handsome 17 morning press conference held on the first cabinet minister reiterated that the Democratic Party government in January next year, after the withdrawal of Self-Defense Force vessels from the Indian Ocean.

Kitazawa said that according to the basic propositions of the Democratic Party and the ruling three-party agreement reached in January next year to dispatch the SDF to the Indian Ocean, ships for the United States and other countries after the expiration of the supply of fuel, the government will not continue to extend the term of office. However, on sending the SDF to the Indian Ocean instead of the program, he said it would hold consultations within the Government, hoping to make international contributions to meet the needs.

On the Japan-US relations, North-taek said, the Democratic Party that the Japan-US defense relationship is the main axis of Japan’s diplomacy.

About themselves as defense minister, he said, gave him Hatoyama issued two directives, one at the post under the principle of defense in ensuring the civil service hierarchy, while ensuring that Japan’s peace and security; second is to re-audit “National Defense Program Outline “, in order to develop a new” mid-term defense forces and reorganization plans “to cooperate with the relevant minister.

Democratic Party of Japan on behalf of (ie, the party’s first) Yukio Hatoyama, 16, held in the afternoon in a special congressional election, was elected Prime Minister named a new term for the Japanese prime minister, he formed a new cabinet that afternoon. Former Democratic deputy Kitazawa handsome in the new cabinet appointed defense minister.

The Democratic Party has been advocating in the Indian Ocean next year to send the SDF dispatch will not be renewed after the expiration of term of office, but did not explicitly put forward to support the U.S. anti-terrorism and other forms of assistance to Afghanistan.

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Euro under pressure in Asia amid ongoing debt woes

OKYO: The euro stayed under pressure in Asia on Friday amid investor jitters over the European debt crisis.

The common currency bought $1.3309 in Tokyo afternoon trade, compared with $1.3327 in London late Thursday. Against the Japanese currency it firmed to 103.03 yen from 102.87.

The dollar edged up to 77.42 yen from 77.11 as Japan’s finance minister said his ministry has been vigilantly watching for signs of speculative yen-buying movement in the foreign exchange markets.

The euro was on a downward trend as investors took a cue from Moody’s downgrade of Hungary’s credit rating, said a senior dealer at a major bank.

“You should expect volatile euro trading ahead as there’s much speculation going around, but what’s for sure is the euro is set to fall in the longer term as the debt woes are just too far from their end,” the dealer said.

German, French and Italian leaders pledged Thursday to propose modifications to European Union treaties to further integrate economic policy, but they played down suggestions that the European Central Bank would have a greater crisis-busting role.

Japanese Finance Minister Jun Azumi urged European leaders to take more steps to calm markets as the impact of the debt crisis spreads globally. (AFP

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