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Japanese men fled after the killings and cosmetic surgery, million yen reward for the capture of


Shiqiao up before and after photos cosmetic contrast, the left is cosmetic ago, right after the plastic surgery.

Japanese men fled after the killings and cosmetic surgery, million yen reward for the capture of


Victim Lindsay Hawker

According to the British “Guardian” November 5, the Japanese one man involved in the killing two years ago, a murder of 22-year-old British woman who were wanted by the police, it is reported that the suspects went to the hospital for a number of cosmetic plastic surgery, police are now re-issued his arrest photo after plastic surgery.

The man is 30 year old is Shiqiao up (Tatsuya Ichihashi), he was in March 2007 on charges of murdering the British woman Lindsay Hawker (Lindsay Hawker), which is the history of Japanese law and order with the highest amount of reward homicide reward 1,000 yen (about 740,000 yuan), the police in Japan posted in conspicuous locations in major stations and wanted posters. Shiqiao up the characteristics of the suspects is a single fold, thick lower lip.

Chiba Prefecture, Japan on the 24th last month, police received a Nagoya City, a cosmetic plastic surgery hospital report, saying that a man suspected of Shiqiao up to the orthopedic hospital for eyelid cut, lower lip thinning, booster bridge of the nose, to out two significant mole on the cheek of plastic surgery, is currently working with the original photo Panruoliangren wanted.

Several Japanese newspapers quoted police received an anonymous source said Shiqiao left up in the clinic are false name and address information, and never return visit. That the reported plastic surgery hospital doctor, said the man’s face has had plastic surgery marks on many occasions, when he was paid in cash and a number of ¥ 100,000, and making appointments for October 31 to the hospital removal of stitches, but no longer not coming out.

Hawker’s father, plastic surgery news that Shiqiao up angrily said he was certain it was harboring and to provide plastic surgery costs.

Hawker went to Japan to teach English language schools for post-Shiqiao up to a private English teacher in 2007, said it was alarming that she disappeared. The police reached the Shiqiao house is located in Chiba Prefecture found Hawk dead, she was buried with soil in the bathtub, and the neck has been Piqia marks.

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US couple killed as their 16 children slept


US couple killed as their 16 children slept

Sgt. Ted Roy, Escambia County Sheriff’s spokesman, said his office had a suspect in custody. Earlier, another man, Leonard P. Gonzalez Sr, 56, was charged with evidence tampering.

Police said he tried to paint over and hide damage on a red van that was spotted on surveillance video leaving the home where Byrd and Melanie Billings were shot to death on Thursday while eight of their children slept.

The Billings were killed in their spacious, nine-bedroom home in a rural area west of Pensacola. The house had an extensive surveillance system that authorities said captured three apparently experienced criminals swiftly slipping into the house before leaving and driving off in the red van.

Tips from the public led police to the van on Saturday.

Sheriff David Morgan said that he expected more arrests, but did not provide additional details.

“At this time we are looking at multiple persons of interest,” he said. “We are very anxious to share this story … it’s going to be a humdinger, I’ll tell you that.”

Mr Gonzalez, who did not own the van, was still being interviewed and his bond was set at $250,000.

Officials still haven’t said why the family was targeted. Police also have not said whether anything was stolen from the home, which had nine bedrooms to accommodate the large family. The children who were there during the killings, ages 8 to 14, were interviewed by police and are now staying with other family members.

The Billings were a prominent couple who owned several businesses and had 16 children, 12 of them adopted.

They married 18 years ago and each had two children from previous marriages. They eventually started adopting children with developmental disabilities and other problems.

The couple told a local newspaper they wanted to share their wealth with children in need, but didn’t imagine their family would grow so large.

“It just happened,” she told the newspaper. “I just wanted to give them a better life.”

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