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The elderly bodybuilding contest held in Japan, the Champions Cup Fellow 74-year-old muscular


Tsutomu Otsuka show muscle

The elderly bodybuilding contest held in Japan, the Champions Cup Fellow 74-year-old muscular


Top three finishers

Recently, Tokyo, Japan held an old bodybuilding contest. So that everyone surprised that these sixty or seventy years old is still strong build, 74-year-old champion is even more muscular in no way inferior to the young lad.

74-year-old Tsutomu Otsuka (Tsutomu Tosuka) Although the silver-haired, but with a solid color of ancient Tong muscle into being successful, won the 2009 Japan Master Bodybuilding Championships (Japan Masters Bodybuilding Championships) champion.

And many participants are different Tsutomu Otsuka is not a professional bodybuilder, he is from a friend’s 40-year-old the first time fell in love with bodybuilding. Since then, more than three decades since, he had to practice hard and persevere, and finally trained in a beautiful muscles. Although over seventy years of age have been, but the muscles are still Otsuka Tsutomu so amazed by the judges.

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Russian women girls academy special agents determined to stop the World War II training


Female students were assembled to study the decomposition of automatic rifles.。

Russian women girls academy special agents determined to stop the World War II training

9afemale students in class.

Foreign women’s boarding schools are super-women classes, but also to teach fishing Millionaire intensive classes to teach how to kill, but I am afraid, are rare. According to British media reported that November 2, in Moscow is that there are so many female officers in a school specializing in teaching young girls how to use AK-47. The 10-year-old little girl is not at home in his early playing Hurry & Scurry, but a small martial arts school age determined when the agent when the generals.

Demolition of school shootings is much more to learn all the sword dance for cooking

In the “Moscow ninth woman boarding academy”, the little Na Siya. Glezi Nike Wa Lane of today’s first lesson is learning how to break down an AK-47 rifles. In the downstairs to another classroom, a whole class, or wearing braids tied cauda equina of the 11-year-old girl, is practicing how to use grenades. Another group of similar age, little girls are wearing dark blue uniform-style uniforms, tied red shoulder patches, are learning to goose-step.

Russian military officers on the school history dates back to 1732, to the Putin era, military officers boys resurrected, and then, officers have also revived girls. This is the women’s academy is one of Russia’s new military academy was established. Since the Russian-Georgian conflict last year, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin hopes that through these military schools and training more militants as a “model citizen.” Although this is the name of the officer girls boarding academy in Moscow ninth woman, but in fact, it is Russia’s first military academy for girls. Schools, the majority of students come from poor families. The baby girl was carefully selected and tested are the only selection out as future leaders and culture, they also should learn first aid, self-defense and how to deal with terrorists. In their daily curriculum is very tight, 6 days a week classes, in addition to a culture of learning programs, the children also have to learn sewing, cooking, singing, dancing, painting, fencing.

School at the same time adhering to train “loyal, lovely wife and mother” purpose. The school principal said the school’s self-defense course is to train girls to protect themselves: “The analogy, as in 2004 to prevent incidents like the Beslan hostage tragedy.”

Make the rules strictly prohibit alcohol and tobacco ring skirt

Na Siya was 11-year-old father was a police, and she stood up no less than her high number of AK-47 rifle, but she said proudly: “I just learned how to disassemble and assemble my rifle. It is very heavy. I need a long a more solid arm, more muscle in order to use it. I need to use two fingers to pull the trigger. ”

Very strict rules here. Na Siya example: “The schools do not see the skirt, not smoking, drinking, not act alone.” Followed by a British journalist looked Na Siya raised a Makarov pistol and aimed at small Na Siya people ambitions are big: “I grow up to become a customs officer. I want to pursuit of criminals.” Every day, the girls have to start from the 7:00 class, they are the first thing to do morning exercises, a full day of training to ironing Ping uniforms for the end. Na Siya also mentioned that some Russian veterans of World War II recently, we frequently came to visit them: “They learn what to us is very interested, I heard that they take the memories of the original. Heard, whether it is children, women or the elderly, the Germans were no mercy to anyone. But I do not want that history will repeat itself. ”

School regulations do not make-up, in addition to a fixed time every day with her family on the phone a few minutes outside, or cell phone can be used. There is no doubt that these dolls with the family members tell the story of the school certainly will not be pink fairy tale. Na Siya said proudly: “I will talk to my parents, I also learned how to use what kind of gun.” The Russian winter ball every year is the girls a rare opportunity for contact with the opposite sex, girls who dress up in dance and in the vicinity of the Moscow school male students in the seventh officer to dance. 16-year-old Oyo Naqiu Qi Lina can speak 5 languages, has only recently because the AK-47 to participate in the use of race to get gold medals and was promoted to corporal, she explained: “Only in winter ball like such a big occasion, the girls was allowed to make-up, but this occasion is not several times a year. ”

Volunteer big “to prevent World War III”

12-year-old Ao Jia Ao Fute Slova is in this strictly out of the military training school, a typical representative of the younger generation, she firmly said: “I like guns. I hope the next to join the intelligence services. I like to take the sense of machine guns and I like all the people here and wanted to contribute for my country. ”

Aojia very articulated: “At home, I saw 11-year-old girls make-up, wearing fishnet stockings. Is there anything really necessary? There is so many things to learn when, why troubled by the boys? We have seen Academy where the boys, courage, decency. they do not like an ordinary school as a boy pulling girl’s pigtails, they respect girls in uniform. “Cartaya was born in Ukraine. allis Mijatovic has only 11 years old, Her voluntary greater: “I want to do general, I am ready to sacrifice for the country.”

There is some criticism of this military education divorced from reality have no future. But the 17-year-old Anastasia. Coates. Markovic on refuted, said: “Compared with the other girls, I had more freedom. The school to teach us about honor and integrity.”

11-year-old Sasha Zu Lina, and, like many of my classmates from the military families, young age, she had been on war and peace has its own interpretation: “We trained, we stand ready to battle. War is terrible , which allows loss of life. But we need to stop World War III happen. ”

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Repair of a collapsed houses in Prague at least 4 people missing


Rescue work carried out overnight.

Repair of a collapsed houses in Prague at least 4 people missing

BEIJING, October 3 Prague, the Czech capital, Prague, electrical repair center is a multi-floor old house at 1:30 p.m. on the 2nd collapsed, the authorities announced that there were four people missing.

However, unofficial sources said as many as seven people may be missing. These people are all examples where the construction of foreign workers from Bulgaria and Ukraine, they estimated were pressed under the ruins, missing.

After the accident, rescue work started immediately, but until the local time at 23:45 on the 2nd (Beijing time at 5:45 on the 3rd), only from the rubble and rescue workers dug up two helmets, did not find any signs of life .

Republic Square, the collapse of the housing is located near the neglect had been uninhabited for many years. According to the analysis, perhaps because of the construction workers accidentally damaged the building’s main supporting wall triggered the accident.

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