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Philips pushes sex-toys line for health, longevity


Philips pushes sex-toys line for health, longevity

BERLIN  – Always wanted to buy a sex-toy but cringed at the thought of entering one of those shops?

Dutch Philips Electronics may have a solution. Turn to a convenience store around the corner or online and a purple coloured “sensual massagers” could be yours and it may even look nice on your bedside table.

With the launch of a new entry model at the consumer electronics trade show, IFA Philips is raising its presence in a multibillion market, it entered only one year ago, when it launched the products in the United Kingdom.

“Our sensual massagers are shaped to fit the contours of male and female erogenous zones,” said Chris Worp, head of Philips relationship care business.

Worp demonstrated the toys, which retail from 70 euros to 150 euros ($100 to $214) in a room at the Philips booth, elegantly decorated with white curtains, cosy sofas and dimmed lights.

“We are unique in our approach as we are targeting couples and we are not excluding a partner, which products that are currently on the market, do.”

According to Worp the total market for sex-toys is about $97 billion, but Philips is only targeting a small segment of it that still could be significant in size.

And it serves public health as well. “People who have a good sexual relationships live 12 years longer and look 10 years younger,” Paula Hall, a sex and relationship expert who advised Philips in the process of designing and developing the toys.

“It actually reduces chances of getting cancer, heart deceases and lowers blood pressure,” she claims.

Since introducing the product line in the United Kingdom at Boots, Amazon and other retailers, Europe’s biggest consumer electronics producer has expanded distribution tn Spain, France, Germany and the Benelux countries.

“They were very well received both in terms of consumer reactions and sales…We wouldn’t be expanding if it was a small niche market,” Worp said declining to give details for competitive reasons.

“We found that 40 percent of couples were uncomfortable with the poorly made and often crude sex toys currently available. We will keep expanding both geographically and in products.”

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Apple Explains Google Voice Block


Apple Explains Google Voice Block

[media id=50 width=500 height=400]

Apple responds to FCC questions; Tribune sells Cubs.

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European dairy farmers protest milk prices, countries refuse to allocate more subsidies


Belgian dairy farmers to protest the dumping of fresh milk, milk prices fell

European dairy farmers protest milk prices, countries refuse to allocate more subsidies


Belgian dairy farmers in the dumping of fresh milk

Xinhua BEIJING, September 17 more EU countries to support the development of new regulatory framework to help the European countries low milk prices dairy farmers to solve the problem.

According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao,” reported that the French agriculture minister Lemaire Tuesday said that the farmers are the best answer is to begin the restructuring of the EU milk market, rather than to provide more subsidies.

French farmers protest began last week, the wave is being extended to other countries.

Lemerre in other countries and the European Union agriculture ministers told reporters after the meeting: “We do not intend to provide more financial support to farmers, we need to create a new market regulatory framework, which is the European Commission and all Member States of the key issues.”

French farmers protest last week, the first action, and now several European countries, farmers have refused to send the milk, but prefer to give the public free of charge, or milk drained. China protests milk and milk prices have fallen last year, also against the European Union to raise the annual quota, saying it would exacerbate the collapse of milk market.

Lemaire said Tuesday the proposal of France and Germany has been the support of Spain and the Czech Republic, so that the country voted in favor to 18. He is also expecting to hear next week a visit to Warsaw of Poland’s decision.

Franco-German proposals, including short-term and long-term measures of two parts, the short-term measures to increase butter, milk powder and cheese export compensation, long-term change, however, including the European Union to intervene annual milk sales, as well as between the signing of dairy farmers and milk supplier the contract agreements.

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