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Day three-party coalition government reached an agreement, differences still remain difficult to anticipate the future

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(From left) People’s New Party Japan’s Shizuka Kamei, the Democratic Party on behalf of Yukio Hatoyama, Mizuho Fukushima, the Social Democratic Party on the 9th Congress to reach an agreement on the coalition government.

Day three-party coalition government reached an agreement, differences still remain difficult to anticipate the future

BEIJING, September 10 Xinhua comprehensive Japanese media reported that Japanese democracy, the Social Democratic and People’s New Party on the 9th in the evening to be held in the Congress party’s first talks on a coalition agreement is reached. 16, on behalf of the Democratic Party, Yukio Hatoyama, became prime minister in the Special Congress on the three-party coalition government after the new government will be inaugurated.

The formal agreement the three parties, Hatoyama invited Mizuho Fukushima, the Social Democratic Party, People’s New Party joined the cabinet Shizuka Kamei. In addition to the main cabinet members have already decided, the other members of the Cabinet candidates will also be determined this week in succession.

9, yesterday afternoon held a three-party secretary general-level meeting on the establishment of a joint Government’s basic policy to coordination. Among them, foreign affairs and security issues, taking into account the views of the Social Democratic Party, in the agreement to write a “To alleviate the burden of the people of Okinawa Prefecture will be to amend the” Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement “requirement to re-examine the U.S. military stationed in Japan and the U.S. integration plan and the military bases. ”

Related to the contact within the ruling party coordination mechanisms, the three parties agreed to the establishment of the three party leaders in the Cabinet heads, “the basic policy of the cabinet members of the Committee” by the committee to coordinate policy and to seek the views of the Cabinet meeting to make decisions. “National Strategy Council” will first be set up Democrats constitute a separate, community left the country between the two parties on whether to join future research.

Differences between the ruling coalition more difficult to anticipate the future

Analysis refers to the remaining U.S. military bases in Okinawa, the three parties will eventually be the wording as a “move to re-examine the direction of efforts.” For the Social Democratic Party proposed to re-examine the U.S. Futenma Air Station relocation project, this requirement, the Democratic Party, taking into account the Japanese and U.S. governments had reached an agreement did not accept. Therefore, this is the three-party ruling coalition reached an agreement as soon as possible matters come up with compromise language, whether it will be implemented in the future is still unpredictable.

Reorganization of U.S. forces stationed in Japan issue symbolizes the Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party in the foreign and security policy differences, which may in the future operation of the coalition government undermines the inconvenience.

The three-party coalition government in the decision-making mechanism on the opposite also exists. Social Democratic Party called for the establishment by the ruling party policy, a consultative body composed of the heads. The Democratic Party will always adhere to a unified decision-making within the government.

Although at present the three parties agreed to establish the party heads, the cabinet, “the basic policy of the cabinet members of the committee” to coordinate on policy, but the Commission and the “National Strategy Council” relationship is not clear. If the agreement still remain in the text, the decision-making mechanism is not clear, the nation’s expectations of the new government could become disappointed.

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