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South Africa’s broadband network excruciatingly slow, faster than the internet IP Messenger


South Africa’s broadband network excruciatingly slow, faster than the internet IP Messenger

BEIJING, September 11 electricity in South Africa, IP Messenger messaging even faster than the computer! South Africa’s lack of network bandwidth, making the slow pace of the Internet and convergence difficult and very expensive, the results of a home companies use IP Messenger, even greater than the use of computers to transmit data faster.

According to Singapore on the 11th Joint quoted South African Press Association reported, the telecommunications company Unlimited IT so that a pigeon with a data memory card, from the company’s headquarters in Pietermaritzburg (Pietermaritzburg) flew 80 kilometers outside of Germany classes (Durban), spent 1 hour and 8 minutes flying destination, together with the downloaded data processing time, spent a total of 2 hours 6 minutes 57 seconds.

At the same time, through major Internet service provider Telkom to pass the same data, but only 4% of them passed on.

The telecommunications company was no longer tolerate the slow pace of the Internet, so for this test. It is in South Africa has 11 customer service call center (call centres), often need to send data to other branches.

South Africa will host next year’s World Cup soccer tournament a total length of 17,000 kilometers, convergence with other networks in southern and East Africa submarine cable will be opened before the start, when the speed of the Internet is expected to improve.

Currently, local Internet service providers are negotiating to increase network bandwidth.

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