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Woods says he was not fined for comment


Woods says he was not fined for comment

CHASKA, Minnesota – Tiger Woods said he was not fined by the U.S. PGA Tour for his critical remarks about a rules official putting the last group on the clock at the Bridgestone Invitational.

A tour official told The Associated Press on Monday that the world’s No. 1 player would be fined for his comment. He spoke on condition of anonymity because the tour does not publicize fines.

A section of the tour handbook says “it is an obligation of membership to refrain from comments to the news media that unreasonably attack or disparage tournaments, sponsors, fellow members, players or PGA Tour.”

“I’ve heard from the tour and there’s no fine,” Woods said. “That was an erroneous report.”

Woods was annoyed after his four-shot victory on Sunday because he and Padraig Harrington were put on the clock after walking off the tee at the par-5 16th.

He said that caused Harrington to rush three difficult shots, leading to triple bogey that effectively ended the tournament. European Tour chief referee John Paramor told Woods and Harrington they were being timed.

Woods said he told Harrington after it was over, “I’m sorry that John got in the way of a great battle.”

Asked on Tuesday if he regretted making the issue personal by calling out Paramor, Woods said, “No. Because he’s the one who did it.” Woods said he can appreciate the job of a rules official, and “that’s why I thought they would have used better judgment on that.”

“As I said, we were the ones that were probably going to win the golf tournament in the last group. We separated ourselves,” Woods said. “And after what Paddy went through, we were still right there behind the group in front of us. So I don’t know if the group in front of us was being timed or not. They didn’t look like they were rushing. But it certainly influenced us in how we played and influenced the outcome of a tournament.”

While the U.S. PGA Tour does not discuss fines, spokesman Ty Votaw confirmed Woods has not been fined.

“The information that was conveyed to the reporter was inaccurate,” Votaw said. “There has been no process started with respect to any disciplinary action. Based on the reports we have read, Tiger’s comments related to the impact of the decision. We did not read them as being an unreasonable attack or disparaging.”

Harrington said he did not read or hear of Woods’ remark in his defense and couldn’t comment. He continued to blame himself for failing to keep it in the fairway, which required more thought over how to escape trouble.

“I reacted poorly to the situation, and that’s my own fault,” Harrington said. Later, however, he said Woods was in a better position to speak his mind having won the tournament.

“He can take the moral high ground and say what he wants,” Harrington said. “Having lost the tournament … I’m going to take it on the chin and say it was my mistake.”

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