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England of the late Queen Mother letters in public: almost died in the bombing of the Germans


British Queen Mother Elizabeth, visited the war-afflicted civilians (profile picture)

England of the late Queen Mother letters in public: almost died in the bombing of the Germans

BEIJING, September 14 Xinhua English of the late Queen Mother Elizabeth, 13, in a number of newspapers published in the United Kingdom disclosed in a letter, during World War II, she and her husband – at that time King George VI (George Ⅵ) almost died from German bombing raid.

According to Hong Kong Grand Duke news report, the letter was addressed to Elizabeth, only a few hours in the aftermath of her mother Queen Mary, and elaborate Sixty-nine years ago, these pairs of royal couple first heard the words “a German plane roaring past” , and then heard “an ear-piercing sound of the bomb”, how hurried escape. The bomb exploded at Buckingham Palace within the scope. Three servants were injured in the attack.

The letter said: “My dear mother, Buckingham Palace this morning by the horrific attack. I really do not know where to start.

“That’s harsh voice sounded in our midst, colliding with the surrounding buildings exploded side homes. All came too fast, and we only had time to innocently looked at each other.” She also wrote that her “knees gently shaking. ”

She also wrote: “I saw the smoke and dust high into the sky, and then we like lightning inroads as to avoid the corridor. Again a major exploded. Us and those two in the corridor outside the Shitong stay for a while, well away from the stairs, to avoid flying glass. ”

Several hours later, she ate lunch in the shelter, they visited the East End of London. She wrote: “I feel like I walk in the death of the city … … all of houses were evacuated, and through the broken windows, you can see all the poor little property, photos and bed, being a stay.”

The letter specified the date September 13, 1940, at 69 years later, many newspapers published in the United Kingdom, is Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth’s first official biography of this pre-publication public.

King’s wife during the war, ignored the advice of the Foreign Ministry to leave the United Kingdom, won the National People’s touched. Elizabeth, not only in World War II, due to her perseverance and much appreciated, even though her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952, she also came under the British as the Queen Mother loved. She died in 2002, when 101-year-old, millions of people in her farewell to her funeral.

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