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Global temperatures hit ‘hottest March on record’

“Warmer-than-normal conditions dominated the globe, especially in northern Africa, South Asia and Canada,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in a statement on Thursday.

Combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for March 2010 was the warmest on record at 13.5 degrees Celsius (56.3 degrees Fahrenheit), which is 0.77 degrees Celsius above the 20th century average of 12.7 C, it said.

Average ocean temperatures were the hottest for any March since record-keeping began in 1880, while the global land surface was the fourth warmest for any March on record, NOAA said, citing analysis from the National Climate Data Center.

It added that the January-March period was the planet’s fourth warmest on record.

The US agency cited two Asian examples of high March mercury: Tibet had its second warmest March since records began in 1951, it said citing the Beijing Climate Center, while Delhi, India had its own second warmest March since 1901 record-keeping, according to the India Meteorological Department.

Cooler-than-normal temperatures prevailed in some locations, however, including Mongolia, eastern Russia, northern and western Europe, northern Australia, western Alaska and the southeastern United States, NOAA said.

The agency also pointed to Arctic sea ice as a temperature indicator, and said this was the 17th consecutive March in which Arctic sea ice coverage was below average.

Last month’s average coverage of 15.1 million square kilometers (5.8 million square miles) was 4.1 percent below the 1979-2000 average, the agency said.

NOAA stressed that while El Nino, the weather anomaly which wreaks havoc on normal weather patterns from the western seaboard of Latin America to east Africa, weakened to a moderate strength in March, “it contributed significantly to the warmth in the tropical belt and the overall ocean temperature.”

El Nino was expected to maintain its influence in the northern hemisphere “at least through the spring,” NOAA said.

The record March temperatures are likely to be seen as evidence backing the case of those who believe climate change is an urgent crisis which must be addressed at the global level.

The United Nations and several countries have called for a legally-binding agreement on climate change, but at a summit in Copenhagen in December states failed to agree on a deadline to reduce carbon emissions that cause global warming.

Turkey Boy group create the world Guinness record: 2.465 meters


Turks Curson height 2.465 cm, 16 in London by the Guinness Book of World Records certified as a Guinness world.

Turkey Boy group create the world Guinness record: 2.465 meters

BEIJING, September 17 Xinhua 2.465 meters tall Turks Curson (Sultan Kosen) 16 win over 2.36 centimeters tall giant Xi Shun of China, on board the Guinness Book of Guinness World Records the world’s throne.

According to Taiwan’s United News reported, 26-year-old Corson was the first time he left Turkey, he said in an interview in London, are trying to find their love.

Curson also has the world’s largest hand and the biggest feet, respectively, 27.5 centimeters and 36.5 centimeters. Because of his height, Curson unable to complete their studies, only occasionally working as a farmer, to make money supplement the family income. He hoped that the new Guinness title to enable him to travel around and see the world, but also want to have cars accommodate his car.

Curson desire is marriage and children. He said that his height is difficult to squeeze into the car, but for the mother changing a light bulb, hanging curtains Daoshi effortless.

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