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Sako Naritami look to new lows, asked his wife Bruni, “low-key a few more”


Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife,

Sako Naritami look to new lows, asked his wife Bruni, “low-key a few more”

BEIJING, November 7, French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s popularity has hit a victory since he took office in 2007 low of 39%, the outside world are attributed to interference in domestic affairs of their loved his wife Bruni, in view of this, it was reported that Nicolas Qi has asked his beloved wife in the future should be done quietly.

According to Hong Kong, “Sing Tao Daily” report, sources said Bruni Sarkozy to establish a number of political opponents is the main culprit, Sarkozy has asked his wife, a high-profile style changed as far as low-key. Last week, the French magazine in 41-year-old Bruni, compared to France in the history of the infamous Queen Mary Anthony.

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