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Screwdriver – So small and fast


Screwdriver – So small and fast

Screwdriver, ALL of the do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement programmes on television must surely have you itching to get some equipment that will allow you to do the same kind of wonders to your home.

Well, you might just be halfway there if you have Bosch’s GSR ProDrive Professional screwdriver, which is said to be the world’s smallest cordless screwdriver for professionals.

At 500 grams, the model is small and handy enough to make it the right power tool for anyone, not just the furniture or kitchen fitters, joiners, electricians and computer builders that the tool is targeted at.

And it is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Despite the small size, the GSR ProDrive Professional is able to offer all of the functions of a cordless screwdriver for professionals. It can drive screws up to five millimetres in diameter into softwood.

The manual says the speed of a maximum 250 revolutions per minute ensures fast screwdriving, and the accelerator switch enables a smooth start when driving screws. Well, it certainly feels like that. Also, the motor brake immediately brings the screwdriver to a halt when you cut the power off, making it ideal for precision work or driving rows of screws. The magnetic bit holder holds screws up to a size of 4mm by 40mm.

A nice feature of the GSR ProDrive Professional is its integrated LED light. This is especially helpful as it provides bright light when driving screws in dark areas. Discard any fear you might have about the screwdriver dying on you. The tool is powered by two replaceable premium lithium-ion batteries from Bosch. The GSR ProDrive Professional 3.6-volt lithium-ions have low self-discharge and can be recharged at any time without any ill effects.

And on one battery charge, it can drive about 110 3.5mm screws. According to the company, its Electronic Cell Protection technology protects the batteries against overload, overheating and total discharge. Moreover, the battery pack is said to be robust enough to withstand a drop from two metres high onto concrete and remain fully functional.

Bosch supplies the GSR ProDrive Professional as a set in a bag with a carrying strap. The set includes a 24-piece screwdriver bit cassette, two batteries, a multi-charging station and removeable accessory bags.

Product: GSR ProDrive Professional Manufacturer: Bosch Enquiries: Robert Bosch Sdn Bhd (03-79663137) Price: RM199 for West Malaysia, RM219 for East Malaysia SPECIFICATIONS Speed: Up to 250rpm Battery: Premium lithium-ion Battery capacity: 1.3Ah Torque: 7Nm Maximum screw diameter: 5mm Weight: 0.5kg

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