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Sonic Gear Xanadu X1000: Stylish headphones

Sonic Gear Xanadu X1000: Stylish headphones

HAVE you always wanted to be a DJ? If you want to look the part and perhaps compromise on sound quality just a little then the Sonic Gear Xanadu X1000 is perfect for you.

It must be said that the sound is really not all that bad. It may not have enough bass but think about it — if you had bass thumping through your ears and so close to your eyes, you will go deaf faster.

The X1000 headphones are good for casual and everyday use. Keep your expensive headphones at home but use these when you are on a train or in the office or just out and about.

They are lightweight enough to be portable and can be quite eye-catching with the shiny silvery surface.

They are also not that expensive so if you do get them soiled you will not feel the pain or the loss as much.

The X1000 also comes with a microphone attached which is quite helpful. Although the specifications may list the X1000 cord length as only 1m, the review unit was definitely longer than a metre which is great if you intend to use it with your computer. More cord length is better any day.

The X1000 does have some issues. To the untrained ear, the X1000 is decent enough but they don’t have noise cancelling feature.

They may muffle things a bit but it all depends on how loud you pump up the volume.

Speaking of which, the X1000 does not come with its own volume control.

On top of that, they can also get quite uncomfortable after prolonged use, clipping your ears and squeezing your head that you may feel the onset of a headache coming along.

Luckily it comes with a spongy earpiece to alleviate the pressure but you will need to rest your head every half an hour or so to feel better.

Another great thing is that the X1000 comes with extra earpads so you will not have unsightly disintegrating earpieces.

So although the sound is just decent, the headphones are quite a steal for RM69. And they may even make you look like a DJ at an affordable price.


Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz

Sensitivity: 112dB

Impedance: 32 ohms

Cord Length: 1m

Price: RM69

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