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Most Tragic Acts of Terrorism in History – King David Hotel Bombing: Israel


Most Tragic Acts of Terrorism in History – King David Hotel Bombing: Israel

The King David Hotel bombing was a deadly bomb strike by the Irgun, a militant Zionist group, on the headquarters of the British Mandatory authorities of Palestine, located at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

The offensive was carried out on July 22 1946 and was the deadliest attack against the British during the Mandate era (1920-1948). Operating in disguise, Irgun members planted a bomb in the basement of the main building of the hotel, part of which housed the Mandate Secretariat and the British military headquarters.

Telephoned warnings were sent to the main switchboard of the hotel, the Palestine Post newspaper and the French consulate, but no evacuation was carried out, giving rise to much controversy over the reasons why people were not cleared from the building.

The ensuing explosion caused the collapse of the southwestern corner of the southern wing of the hotel. Ninety-one people were killed and 46 were injured, with some of the deaths and injuries occurring in the road outside the hotel and in adjacent buildings.

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