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Wildfires Rage in California


Wildfires Rage in California

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Wildfires continue to rage in Santa Cruz County, California, where thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate their homes. The wildfire has now grown to more than three square miles and is not contained.

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The U.S. “space elevator” contest staged the desert, 4 minutes climbing 1 km


The U.S. “space elevator” contest staged the desert, 4 minutes climbing 1 km

BEIJING, November 6, held on the 4th California electric space elevator design competition, in which a team of contestants robotics, laser-driven in the ground and successfully within a specified time, along the hanging from a helicopter under the cable, climbing nearly 1 km height.

According to Hong Kong, “Wen Wei Po” reported event in the Mojave Desert, held at Rogers Dry Lake, from Missouri, Alaska, Seattle’s three research teams to participate. The General Assembly sent a cable suspended high-altitude helicopter to the ground, the participating robots must be based on an average speed of 5 meters per second, climbed to nearly 1 km height, in order to aspirations to 2 million U.S. dollars first prize. If the average speed of 2 meters per second, you can second prize. In order to avoid laser damage to the fly via satellite, competition can only be carried out within the specified time.

LaserMotive robot the first to successfully break through the barrier, at 4 minutes, climbing nearly 1 km height, at least entitled to a share of the second prize of 900,000 U.S. dollars.

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“Hubble” telescope “Nirvana born again” Space stunning photo shoot


“Hubble” wide-angle camera of the NGC 6302 “Butterfly” nebula cloud.

“Hubble” telescope “Nirvana born again” Space stunning photo shoot

BEIJING, September 10 Xinhua reported that the multi-media on the 10th, after finishing the upgrade, “Hubble” Space Telescope to observe pictures taken in space. The U.S. media has the public display of a group of even more gorgeous than before, more spectacular scene of the universe picture, an eye-opener.

In May this year, the repair work is completed, “Hubble” Space Telescope and renewed vigor. It is photographed pictures of these amazing than any photographs taken of orbiting satellites should be clear. Image content, including distant galaxies, luminous nebula, crowded clusters, galaxies and the scenes of collisions the death star explosion or eruption of gas and other scenes, they emit a bright jewel-like radiance, people feast their eyes.

Photo shows the “butterfly” cloud shade, its “wings” extend the length of two light-years distance. Looks exquisite vulnerability of the “butterfly wings” is actually as high as 36,000 degrees Fahrenheit by the temperature of the gas composition. These gases are a galaxy away from Earth is about 3,800 light-years away where the release of the dying planet. Gas to the speed of 600,000 miles per hour has been released into the space, which is equivalent to in 24 minutes and from the moon from the earth. The use of filters on the camera lens, astronomers can observe these gases.

“Hubble” also shot to “Omega” Centaurus cluster and the “Carina” Nebula, “Carina” is being nurtured within the nebula infant star clearly visible. There was first discovered in 1877 named “Stephan’s Quintet” galaxy, they are by young and older, red, blue, etc. 5 galaxies formed.

Maintenance personnel to and from space, five times, as “Hubble” telescope, a face-lift, not only repaired the main high-level investigation of its cameras and multi-image sound spectrograph, also installed a new suite of tools, such as wide-angle camera, and a new ultra-sensitive sound spectrum instrument, so that the telescope can be more sensitive to ultraviolet light have been captured to near-infrared light source within the scope of all. NASA science missions, vice president of the Council, said the success of the repair marks ” ‘Hubble’ telescope, a new beginning, it was clearly more comprehensive than in the past had. Its sophisticated equipment will be maintained for at least a decade.”

Since 1990, “Hubble” Space Telescope “office” has succeeded in “contributions” to a lot of photography in the history of the classic. NASA referred to as “Hubble” telescope work until at least 2014. By then, it will be a more advanced, known as “• James Webb Space Telescope,” instead of observation equipment.


Respectively, taken under visible light and infrared light sources, and is being nurtured star of the Carina Nebula.


“Hubble” shot of Jupiter, may have with the comet collision. Image at the bottom of the black “scars” is the impact generated.


“Stephan’s Quintet”

Hubble Photos

Omega Centauri star cluster. Figure in yellow, white spots for the active adult stars, red dot for the gradual aging of the red giant, blue point of depletion of the white dwarf.

Hubble Photos

After the repair of the “Hubble” camera photos of the first objects Barred spiral galaxy NGC 6217.

Hubble Photos

Nearly 50 million light-years from Earth in clusters of galaxies Abell 37, is the first used to observe the “gravitational lens effect” is one of the clusters of galaxies.

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