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Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass FX 3022 Towering reverberations


Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass FX 3022 Towering reverberations

The Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass FX 3022 exudes a ­commanding presence when placed on a desk but does it perform up to the standard?

When I took this pair of speakers out of the box and placed them on my work desk, I was reminded of the religious monuments erected by ancient Polynesians on Easter Island.

The Expressionist Bass FX 3022 really does look like one of those stone heads and it makes you feel like some sort of Polynesian monarch with a mandate from a higher power to turn up the volume and blast the beats.

They do not take up as much space as you would initially guess. The tower-like satellites house a down-firing subwoofer which is a great space saving design.

However, this model may not be for those who prefer to have a separate gigantic subwoofer. Like most speakers, it was pretty ­straightforward to install as it is, literally, plug and play.

I was disappointed that it only had volume control buttons and lacked a bass control knob. Even the volume control buttons could be more prominent rather than being cleverly camouflaged on the top of the right satellite.

The wiring on this model is needlessly messy. The wires seem to merge together at the back of the satellite and it is incredibly ­difficult to be tidy with them.


I do think the Expressionist Bass FX3022 is a fun addition to anyone’s computer.

The model lives up to the design, and holds its own when you are playing music and games.

The lack of bass control could be an issue for some but it’s certainly not a deal ­breaker.

All in all, an impressive system that may be just a notch over what could be considered a reasonable price for it.

Pros: Excellent sound and bass quality; unique tower-like shape.

Cons: No bass control; untidy wiring; a tad pricey.

Expressionist Bass FX 3022

(Altec Lansing)

PC stereo speakers

DIMENSIONS: 254 x 134 x 134mm (h x w x d)


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