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Iceland volcano ash causes fresh air travel chaos

Aviation chiefs predicted Thursday that the drifting dust could throw travel plans into disarray for a further two days, after flights were banned over more than 10 European countries.

Thousands of passengers from Hong Kong to Dublin were stranded when aviation chiefs decided it was too risky to allow planes to fly through the cloud of ash, which is upwards of 20,000 feet (6,000 metres) above the earth’s surface.

Although not visible from the ground, volcanic ash can be highly dangerous for aircraft, clogging up the engines and reducing visibility, experts say.

Up to 5,000 flights were affected by the flight bans Thursday, said Eurocontrol, the agency that coordinates flights in Europe.

Flights from all over the world, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai, Paris and Athens, were affected by the cancellations in northern Europe.

The ash from the volcano under Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull glacier blew southeast after Wednesday’s eruption towards Scotland and Norway, before covering England and Scandinavia, according to the London-based Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre.

The drifting cloud also closed airspace in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the north of France, parts of northern Germany and part of northern Poland.

Passengers’ travel nightmare was far from over Friday, with airspace closures still in force and the European air traffic control group Eurocontrol predicting further travel chaos.

The disruption “could last two days,” spokesman Kyla Evans told AFP from the agency’s Brussel’s headquarters.

Flights between North America and Europe also faced major disruption, with half of all services expected to be cancelled Friday, according to Eurocontrol.

Farmer tells of Iceland volcano blast There are an average of 600 flights between Europe and North America a day, it said.

Britain — which closed its airspace at 1100 GMT Thursday — said the ban would stay in force until 1800 GMT Friday for most flights in its airspace.

Belgian airspace is to remain closed Friday, authorities confirmed, while Air France said its flights in and out of Paris would not run.

In Scotland, health authorities warned people to beware of possible health problems from volcano ash falling to the ground.

Norway was the first to ground its flights on Wednesday evening, followed by Scotland overnight into Thursday and then London, before air traffic controllers announced no flights could go through British and Irish airspace.

Finland closed its northern airspace an hour later, followed by Denmark and Sweden.

Paris’s two main airports and more than a dozen others in the north of France were closed Thursday, aviation officials said.

A total of 466 flights between Spain and European destinations were cancelled Thursday because of the ash by 1530 GMT, Spain’s AENA aviation authority said.

Icelandic airports, however, reported no problems.

“The wind is blowing the ash to the east,” Hjordis Gudmundsdottir of the Icelandic Airport Authority told AFP, adding: “It’s amazing really.”

About 300 flights in and out of London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports had already been cancelled before the airspace was closed, leaving many of the 260,000 passengers who typically use the airports each day with nowhere to go.

“Basically we’re stranded here, and a lot of people are angry. I realise it’s an act of God — however it would be nice to have another exit strategy,” said Isobel Connolly, who was due to fly from Heathrow to Ireland.

In 1982, British Airways and Singapore Airways jumbo jets lost their engines when they flew into an ash cloud over Indonesia, while a KLM flight had a similar experience in 1989 over Alaska.

“On each occasion, the plane fell to within a few thousand feet of the ground before it was possible to restart the engines,” Rothery said.

Sweden robbers robbed a helicopter ride treasury, planning carefully is better than a large


Police security company building the investigation

Sweden robbers robbed a helicopter ride treasury, planning carefully is better than a large


It is believed to be a helicopter tools of crime

BEIJING, September 24 Xinhua a stolen helicopter circled the sky the dark before dawn, a group of robbers using a rope descending from the sky, drove treasury. After a series of explosions, robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash. The police had rushed to the face of looting stuck, because the scene was full of nails, police can not be close, while the police helicopter hangar entrance was placed a bomb and can not take off.

According to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that, this should not happen in Hollywood gangster film of the robbery, which occurred in the lakes and mountains have always been known for quiet, Sweden. The process of the bizarre crime, the careful planning, I am afraid even if the Hollywood writers should sighed Eph.

The outskirts of the capital, Stockholm, Sweden Vastberga witnesses said there were two to three men in the early morning 5 o’clock local time on the 23rd along the rope from the helicopter fell, breaking the security company G4S roof of the building’s roof. The next is a series of huge explosions, believed to be robbers broke into the warehouse store of cash. Then, with banditry and collection bags back to the helicopter along the rope up the entire process is about 20 minutes.

Headquartered in the UK, G4S is the world’s one of the best security company and was seen at that time 10 staff in the building, no injuries. Robbed of companies are unwilling to disclose the specific amount, saying only that want to reward those who provide clues to solve the case.

Soon after, the police in Stockholm, 25 kilometers north of the lake found near a helicopter, believed to be tools of crime. A Police spokesman said the robbers at the scene and the helicopter has left a number of evidence. In addition to explosives, police believe robbers also holds an automatic rifle.

They also considered the ability to steal a helicopter and find the drivers, but also to obtain explosives and firearms, coupled with careful planning, it should be recidivist committed.

In fact, Sweden, for a major robbery was not “strangers.” 2005 vans owned by the road had been destroyed in 2006 when a passenger loading and unloading foreign currency have also been robbed. Robbery occurred a few nails and explosives were delays in police operations, but the helicopter is the first time.

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