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Japan developing cyber weapon: report

TOKYO: Japan has been developing a virus that could track down the source of a cyber attack and neutralise its programme, the daily Yomiuri Shimbun reported Sunday.

The weapon is the culmination of a 179 million yen ($2.3 million) three-year project entrusted by the government to technology maker Fujitsu Ltd to develop a virus and equipment to monitor and analyse attacks, the daily said.

The United States and China are reported to have put so-called cyber weapons into practical use, Yomiuri said.
Japan will have to make legal amendments to use a cyber weapon as it could violate the country’s law against the manufacture of a computer virus, the daily said.
In November a computer system run by about 200 Japanese local governments was struck.
In October, Japan’s parliament came under cyber attack, apparently from the same emails linked to a China-based server that have already hit several lawmakers’ computers.

It was also reported that Japanese computers at embassies and consulates in nine countries were infected with viruses in the summer.

Currently, the virus is being tested in a “closed environment” to examine its applicable patterns. (AFP)

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Japan’s robot supermodel hits the runway


Japan’s robot supermodel hits the runway

[media id=5 width=500 height=400]

Japan’s Fashion Week hired a futuristic-looking model for its first runway show. Japans latest female humanoid robot kicked-off Tokyos Fashion Week.  Topmodel “HRP-4C” hit the runway powered on battery motors.

[Shuji Kajita, Director, Humanoid Robot Engineering]:

“We believe this is Japan’s and, perhaps, the world’s first humanoid robot to walk on two feet and resemble the average body type of a young Japanese woman.”

And she passed her casting test with her 43 kg weight and her 1 meter 58 centimeter build. And though she may resemble a Japanese animation character, her agent says she needs to work more on her expressions if she really wants to become a supermodel.

[Shuji Kajita, Director, Humanoid Robot Engineering]:

“Our robot can’t move elegantly like the real models that are here today. It’ll take another 20 to 30 years of research to make that happen!”

But she must be doing fine since she has earned herself a $2 million contract with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

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