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Day three-party coalition government reached an agreement, differences still remain difficult to anticipate the future

Japan Politics

(From left) People’s New Party Japan’s Shizuka Kamei, the Democratic Party on behalf of Yukio Hatoyama, Mizuho Fukushima, the Social Democratic Party on the 9th Congress to reach an agreement on the coalition government.

Day three-party coalition government reached an agreement, differences still remain difficult to anticipate the future

BEIJING, September 10 Xinhua comprehensive Japanese media reported that Japanese democracy, the Social Democratic and People’s New Party on the 9th in the evening to be held in the Congress party’s first talks on a coalition agreement is reached. 16, on behalf of the Democratic Party, Yukio Hatoyama, became prime minister in the Special Congress on the three-party coalition government after the new government will be inaugurated.

The formal agreement the three parties, Hatoyama invited Mizuho Fukushima, the Social Democratic Party, People’s New Party joined the cabinet Shizuka Kamei. In addition to the main cabinet members have already decided, the other members of the Cabinet candidates will also be determined this week in succession.

9, yesterday afternoon held a three-party secretary general-level meeting on the establishment of a joint Government’s basic policy to coordination. Among them, foreign affairs and security issues, taking into account the views of the Social Democratic Party, in the agreement to write a “To alleviate the burden of the people of Okinawa Prefecture will be to amend the” Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement “requirement to re-examine the U.S. military stationed in Japan and the U.S. integration plan and the military bases. ”

Related to the contact within the ruling party coordination mechanisms, the three parties agreed to the establishment of the three party leaders in the Cabinet heads, “the basic policy of the cabinet members of the Committee” by the committee to coordinate policy and to seek the views of the Cabinet meeting to make decisions. “National Strategy Council” will first be set up Democrats constitute a separate, community left the country between the two parties on whether to join future research.

Differences between the ruling coalition more difficult to anticipate the future

Analysis refers to the remaining U.S. military bases in Okinawa, the three parties will eventually be the wording as a “move to re-examine the direction of efforts.” For the Social Democratic Party proposed to re-examine the U.S. Futenma Air Station relocation project, this requirement, the Democratic Party, taking into account the Japanese and U.S. governments had reached an agreement did not accept. Therefore, this is the three-party ruling coalition reached an agreement as soon as possible matters come up with compromise language, whether it will be implemented in the future is still unpredictable.

Reorganization of U.S. forces stationed in Japan issue symbolizes the Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party in the foreign and security policy differences, which may in the future operation of the coalition government undermines the inconvenience.

The three-party coalition government in the decision-making mechanism on the opposite also exists. Social Democratic Party called for the establishment by the ruling party policy, a consultative body composed of the heads. The Democratic Party will always adhere to a unified decision-making within the government.

Although at present the three parties agreed to establish the party heads, the cabinet, “the basic policy of the cabinet members of the committee” to coordinate on policy, but the Commission and the “National Strategy Council” relationship is not clear. If the agreement still remain in the text, the decision-making mechanism is not clear, the nation’s expectations of the new government could become disappointed.

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Japan worried about the puppet Prime Minister, Ozawa or destabilizing the new government decision-making


Ozawa Ichiro (right) is a Democratic House of Representatives of the hero’s victory. The photo shows him and quasi-Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio and work together to roses inserted in the elected Democratic candidate names.

Japan worried about the puppet Prime Minister, Ozawa or destabilizing the new government decision-making

There have been comments that the Democratic Party before the party’s first Ozawa may become a “shadow generals”, and disturb the new government’s decision-making

Democratic Party of Japan made the House of Representatives election victory, Prime Minister of the Democratic Party will become the first Yukio Hatoyama, busy start to the work of personnel appointments and cabinet. In a recent baked personnel arrangements, the former Democratic Party of Japan Ichiro Ozawa received widespread media attention. September 3, Yukio Hatoyama, formally announced at the party headquarters, the appointment of Ozawa of the Democratic Party secretary general. The appointment of one, the Japanese media have speculated that Ozawa summon wind and rain in the Democratic Party, its thunder would outweigh the prospective Prime Minister Hatoyama.

Ozawa Ichiro (right) is a Democratic House of Representatives of the hero’s victory. The photo shows him and quasi-Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio and work together to roses inserted in the name of the Democratic candidate elected

After repeated considering the appointment of

Hatoyama is right, I am afraid there is no more than how to arrange the location of Ozawa’s things even more difficult. The House of Representatives elections, Ozawa’s title is the party’s first deputy. After the election, Hatoyama has not explicitly said, is to make the work of Ozawa continue to serve as the party responsible for electing the first agent, or let him serve as Secretary General. Because Hatoyama worried that if begun using Ozawa served as secretary general, then the current Secretary General Katsuya Okada, how to arrange the event to determine errors, it could have a serious impact on the Democratic Party, and even lead to split the party.

Hatoyama’s hesitation seemed to be a bit unhappy Ozawa. It is said that after the election, it is difficult to find Ichiro Hatoyama. September 2, a little anxious tentative Hatoyama asked Ozawa’s confidant, if want to see Ozawa, is not it should be directed to visit. Ozawa’s confidant said: “Yes ah, to imagine him, the best you personally.”

In the end the decision Hatoyama, is a strong supporter of Ozawa, the Senate Members will Changxing Redstone. 3, evening, and so was a bit impatient Hing Redstone called Hatoyama said that, if not to appoint as the Democratic Party secretary general Ozawa, the Senate will not cooperate with the House of Representatives. Around 10:30 that night, Ozawa deadpanned Hatoyama came to the headquarters office of the Democratic Party. After 10 minutes, all smiles from the Ozawa Hatoyama office walked out. Needless to say, he has been secretary general of the Democratic Party in this important position within the party.

Public concerns about “dual power”

The Democratic Party has always stood for the subject matter of the Government’s central government decision-making. Ozawa as secretary general, led to concerns about some people in Japan. Japanese media that the Democratic Party elders Ozawa became the most important position within the party, it is possible to create another “power center”, caused confusion in the future Hatoyama government. Should the Democratic Party with Ozawa’s influence in the rising thereby affecting policy in favor of the Democratic Party, so far, this is definitely not a good thing.

For the above-mentioned speculation Hatoyama said: “Ozawa has said the government subject the Government to do, he would not participate in government decision-making.” Hatoyama also stressed that: “I am the principal leaders of the Government that there is no dual power structure . ”

In fact, Hatoyama is not shy to become a “puppet” of the suspicion and reuse Ozawa, there is the long-term consideration. Ozawa by the Japanese media as the House of Representatives election, “designer” victory for the Democratic Party has played an unparalleled role. The Hatoyama begun using Ozawa as secretary general, mainly because I wanted him to be held next summer to lead the Senate Democratic re-election victory, but also in order to avoid the opposition of the Liberal Democratic Party will soon be reduced to hold them both in Congress on the political contributions problem.

Can also damage the main primary care

Ichiro Ozawa political blue-blood, previously served as Democratic Party leader. Although the issue of political contributions he was relegated to the background from the foreground, but its strong appeal in the Democratic Party still exists.

Analysts believe that Ozawa as the Democratic Party secretary general, could become the next Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, the best helper, that is, good management and leadership and not intervene in the future of the Democratic Party, Hatoyama government affairs; but it may also become Ozawa Yukio Hatoyama The most dangerous enemy, using his “just the wrist,” like himself to become a “shadow general” type of figure, ultimately affect Hatoyama government decisions. Of course, he was appointed secretary general of the Democratic Party, Ozawa has made it clear that he was determined to obey Democratic Party leader Yukio Hatoyama, any decision.

Japanese media that Ozawa in the future if they can not straighten out his own position, pre-empt the meddling in government affairs, leading to the deterioration of relations, and Hatoyama, it means that the days of Hatoyama’s regime is near. On the contrary, the two if we can live in harmony and close co-operation, future Hatoyama government will be able to maintain long-lasting nature. From this point, the length of the fate of the Democratic Party, the ruling will depend on the relationship between Hatoyama and Ozawa.

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“Election of God” director, the rise of the Democratic Party,

Ichiro Ozawa, now 67-year-old former LDP secretary general, Fanyunfuyu in Japanese politics for several decades to achieve, “the two parties take turns in power,” political ideals exhausted efforts. In 1993, Ozawa from the LDP, and Tsutomu Hata, who set up new party, the pro-establishing a new party as the Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa, so that the status of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party lost the first time. Since then, Ozawa has single-handedly created the New Frontier Party, the Liberal Party and other non-LDP parties, until it becomes the Democratic Party first. In July 2007, Ozawa led the Democrats in the Senate elections, the status of the success of winning the largest party in the Senate.

As a scheming politician, Ozawa of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives elections, a strong rise out of a lot of power. Some critics said: “In the Japanese political arena, on the development of sophisticated general election strategy is concerned, no one can go beyond Ichiro Ozawa.” In this House of Representatives election, Ozawa personally selected and trained more than new parliamentary candidate and to help their successful campaign. Japanese media and even, “Ichiro Ozawa, a child” to refer to a new batch of Democratic Congressmen.

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Thai “red shirts” consider symbolic airport rally

Thai “red shirts” consider symbolic airport rally

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai “red shirt” demonstrators are planning a symbolic rally next week near Bangkok’s main airport, but insisted on Wednesday there would be no repeat of a crippling blockade a year ago by a rival protest movement.

The anti-government group said it was considering a brief demonstration on the road leading to Suvarnabhumi Airport to highlight the government’s failure to prosecute “yellow shirt” protestors who shut down two airports in December 2008.

The eight-day blockade by the yellow-shirted People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), which helped undermine two governments backed by exiled former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, disrupted trade and left at least 230,000 tourists stranded.

The PAD’s occupation of the $4 billion (2.45 billion pound) Suvarnabhumi airport led to downgrades of Thailand’s sovereign credit rating and dealt a big blow to the country’s vital tourism industry, which returned to positive growth in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Most significant, the “red shirts” say, is the failure to prosecute those behind the siege. At the same time as the PAD protest, a court dissolved the pro-Thaksin People’s Power Party government and ushered in the current administration, led by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s Democrats.

“If we go to the airport, it will be a symbolic rally. We won’t bring many people,” said Arisman Pongruangrong, a folk singer and key activist with the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), the “red shirts” formal name.

“We won’t close the airport or shut down traffic. We just want to tell the world that the government is unfair and practices double standards,” he added.


Thailand’s stock market has reflected concerns about the impact of the UDD’s anti-government push, with the benchmark index falling more than one percent on Tuesday, against regional trends, on news of the mooted airport rally.

The UDD, which is backed by the twice-elected Thaksin, accuses the government and his opponents — the PAD, royal advisors, business elites and the military — of using undemocratic means to topple elected pro-Thaksin governments.

The UDD has staged recent protests at symbolic locations such as the offices of the Election Commission (EC) and the Privy Council, a body of advisers to the country’s revered king.

The UDD plans to hold a mass rally in eastern Chantaburi province this weekend at a golf course they claim was built illegally on forest reserve land and may have links to Privy Council Chairman Prem Tinsulanonda, the king’s closest aide.

It believes Prem, an 89-year-old former premier and army chief, masterminded the coup that removed Thaksin in 2006. It also says the EC is dragging its heels in investigating Abhisit’s Democrats over alleged irregularities in campaign donations.

The UDD also plans to hold a mass rally lasting at least one week on the roads near the seat of government, starting in mid-February, calling for fresh elections.

It is likely to take place at the same time as a parliamentary no-confidence motion against the government by the pro-Thaksin opposition Puea Thai party.

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