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Obama incarnation of “weather boy” to teach people how to match clothes


Obama incarnation of “weather boy” to teach people how to match clothes

Xinhua BEIJING, November 7 U.S. a weather Web site (obama-weather.com) Take Obama signage, not only to the black president also serves as a weather forecaster, but also he suggested that people in different climatic what clothes to wear . User only has to enter the country or region, in English, “Obama” will give you the weather forecast changes in a row six days and dressing tips.

According to Singapore’s “United Evening News” report, if you enter Singapore, you’ll see “Obama” wearing a vest, in shorts and slippers. Singapore 6, maximum temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, minimum temperature 25 degrees, cloudy and a little breeze, “Obama” think that we should wear a vest, in shorts and slippers, matched with a cowboy hat! However, the next 5 days are thunderstorms, so Obama’s hands more a green umbrella, but the outfit will remain basically unchanged, apart from the shorts and sometimes from the earth into a light green yellow to indicate a Huanyi.

In addition to Obama, the website also provides other cartoon characters, like, such as the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and cute robot Bender.

The site’s designers declared: “With Obama Weather Network, you no longer need to see the thermometer, or leaned out the window to see what other people wear. You only need to look at how Obama and his friends wearing enough. ”

Obey the dress tips to find the other half of girls

From the Chicago-based hair stylist Gina (27 years) on the site message, thanks “Obama” for giving her such a good marriage.

Gina said: “6 months ago, my friends and I are going according to Korea, and two strangers met online dating. Weather in some gloomy, I originally wanted to wear high-necked dress compact an appointment, Obama suggested that I wear a light coat. I hesitated a moment and decided to listen to. a miracle occurred! in the dating process, that thin men (and later learned that a young dentist) has been staring at my chest to see, was I completely captured the hearts of . My friends and other contacts between strangers, but has he was thrown. I should get married in another week, thanks Obama! ”

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