Barack Obama in the White House lawn “playing sword” for the Olympic rally in Chicago

APTOPIX Obama Chicago Olympics

Barack Obama of “playing Sword”

Barack Obama in the White House lawn “playing sword” for the Olympic rally in Chicago

Obama Chicago Olympics

Obama compete with professional athletes

BEIJING, September 17 AFP reported, Obama 16 in the White House South Lawn of “playing the sword,” he also had won the Beijing Olympic Games fencing silver Morehouse contest up.

The same day, a support of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics as the theme of the Olympic sports showcase was held at the White House South Lawn, Michelle Obama and the First Lady attended the event.

Barack Obama and this time they put on the “canvassing” posture, but this is neither for the health care reform, nor is it for the economic stimulus plan, but for the “home” Chicago’s Olympic bid.

The International Olympic Committee members will meet October 2 meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, vote to decide the ownership of the 2016 Olympics. In addition to Chicago, the other three short-listed candidate cities, including Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, Japan, competition is fierce.

Obama lived in Chicago twenty-five years. He said he in love with this city Another reason is “where I met the woman I love.”

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