Photographer Profile cute baby sleeping position photo shoot impressive


Baby wearing a wool cap nap

Photographer Profile cute baby sleeping position photo shoot impressive

BEIJING, September 10, according to British media on the 10th Xinhua reported that a U.S. photographer recently shot a series of cute photos of newborn babies nap, people exclaim “too cute”!

Photos of babies are always arouses love and affection, and a U.S. photographer filming the latest series of photos of babies nap as the theme of “cute” is injected with a new meaning.

This American woman photographer called his camera style, simple, plain, leisure, good at capturing newborn babies nap, sleep, strange, lovely gesture. She said that their most valued is not set, the props, but the baby itself, exudes a unique “temperament”, facial expressions and characteristics. Babies were serious, cheeky, smile or even innocently, the expression of a daze for her are valuable.

She was born only a few weeks of newborn babies wrapped in soft woolen cloth inside, or placed in a basket, tray or bag, the patience to wait for the baby to fall asleep, and then posed for them, using natural light pictures. So detailed and full of photographs of the process of care and will not wake the baby does not make them sick and crying. Her photographs, the baby or wearing a cute wool hat, her mouth pursed in his sleep, or exposing sweet smile, as if the dream is doing, makes numerous love and affection.

These “small model” of the mothers said that he was enjoying these photos, I am pleased to freedom and space for the kids so that they can not disturb the leisurely time to enjoy being alone. Whether the children barefoot and wearing a birthday suit, or wearing a suit so that mothers can be happy endless.


In the basket and the baby sleeping bag


The Dianzhe wool mat nap cute baby fruit and disk


Babies are carried to the elbow side of your foot fell asleep


“Cocoon” in Enron’s sleep baby, expression enjoyed


Hands the baby to sleep in adults, as if laughing


The two hugged the baby to fall asleep

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