Turkey Boy group create the world Guinness record: 2.465 meters


Turks Curson height 2.465 cm, 16 in London by the Guinness Book of World Records certified as a Guinness world.

Turkey Boy group create the world Guinness record: 2.465 meters

BEIJING, September 17 Xinhua 2.465 meters tall Turks Curson (Sultan Kosen) 16 win over 2.36 centimeters tall giant Xi Shun of China, on board the Guinness Book of Guinness World Records the world’s throne.

According to Taiwan’s United News reported, 26-year-old Corson was the first time he left Turkey, he said in an interview in London, are trying to find their love.

Curson also has the world’s largest hand and the biggest feet, respectively, 27.5 centimeters and 36.5 centimeters. Because of his height, Curson unable to complete their studies, only occasionally working as a farmer, to make money supplement the family income. He hoped that the new Guinness title to enable him to travel around and see the world, but also want to have cars accommodate his car.

Curson desire is marriage and children. He said that his height is difficult to squeeze into the car, but for the mother changing a light bulb, hanging curtains Daoshi effortless.

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